Thursday, November 2, 2017

Out and About: Christmas at Pier One Imports

There were, of course, many Christmas items at Pier One, these in particular caught my eye.

These cute Christmas pillows - 

They have a lot of dishware and this guy made me smile - 

There are also these beautiful things as shown on their website

The website has a lot more fall/Thanksgiving items than the store had.  Much of it had already been sold and some items were being clearanced out when I was in the store on the 31st.

They have some cute things though -


I'm planning to do more of these Out and About posts during the holiday season.  I know some will not want to see much about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over, and I do understand that.  I don't like to rush the seasons or skip over important holidays.  But I do love to plan, and see what is available for the holidays, Christmas in particular, since I am going to make some changes to my decor (hopefully) this year.

I am interested in having a conversation about holiday decorating and when you think its appropriate to begin putting out your Christmas decor.  But that's for another day!


  1. I love to shop Pier One Imports. I enjoy just going in and not buying anything too. Love the plaid.

  2. pier one imports :: inspiration heaven!
    love every well chosen picture, especially
    the moose plates.

    i like to put some Christmas things out the
    day after thanksgiving and take them all down
    the day after Christmas. every year has its
    own reality though and this year will be no
    different as i'll have house guests for i've
    no idea how long. it's hard for me to think
    on placement and process when 5 people are
    needing attention and would offer personal
    opinion as TO placement and process. so. i'll
    do that junque after they leave. just how it is...

  3. Love pillows. A weakness of mine.

  4. Years ago, I was much more up tight about Christmas not showing up too soon. These days, I welcome the prep time up to Christmas and find that I must begin earlier. Planning takes me more time as I grow older so that I can budget and prepare wisely. I don’t want to spend all of December scurrying. I have enjoyed seeing what’s on the shelves at Pier One.

  5. Those poinsettia dishes caught MY eye! Seeing your posts will help me save time and gasoline by staying out of stores, LOL! I'll just keep coming here to do my window shopping and spend the time and gasoline I save by catching up on some reading, visiting friends, etc.

  6. This post inspires me to go visit our local Pier One store, which I rarely do. Love those pillows, and the poinsettia dishes. I start thinking about Christmas at the end of October as I make some gifts and don't want to rush those. I'm planning a wine and appies party for my husband's co-workers this year, to be held here, and I want to stay ahead for that, too.
    Christmas decor doesn't appear until the first weekend of Advent, and the tree not until about the 10th or 15th of December. I like to leave it all up until the first week of January. The slow days between Christmas and New Year's are some of my favourite of the year. I remember living in Ecuador, with many American ex-pats and was shocked to see some taking Christmas down on the afternoon of the 25th or the 26th. Everyone does things differently, and it's good to be comfortable with one's traditions and not expect everyone to be the same.

  7. I haven't been to a Pier One in years. I should visit it. I admit to thinking about Christmas decor but don't usually do much until the weekend after Thanksgiving and that's when we decorate.

  8. We bought our first coffee table from Pier One, years ago. I loved it. Don't think I've been to one since. Clearly it's time to go back! ;)


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