Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Went To Work With Tim Today

Its not often that everything lines up just right and I can head out with Tim for an inspection.

This area is where the lid for the septic tank is and on the other side of this bush is where the inspection port is.  The lid was 6 inches under the ground and had to be dug up.  Tim is careful to put things back better than he found them.

See the lovely rhododendron?  It had to be cut down and the roots dug up because the roots were damaging the septic tank.  

Tim works hard every day, regardless of the weather.  Thankful for a sunny, though chilly day.  He said he took his jacket off because he had gotten hot working with it on!

The home owner was thrilled that the system passed the inspection, as he is selling this home.

What did I do?  I texted clients for him, and made a few calls.  Mostly I went because he asked me to come along. 

Do you ever go along with your husband when he's working?


  1. I am so happy your business is successful!

  2. What a nice, supportive wife you are, Deanna, and I'm sure Tim appreciated your help! I have been to group home that Jim manages many times and he also bring his "guys" to our home and to church functions. They are like his extended family. :)

  3. How interesting! Aren't we blessed to go along with our husbands now and then to "work"? Not everyone has that privilege...

  4. I love that Tim likes for you to come along!!

    (Not sure that I wouldn't get some funny looks if I came and sat at Ron's desk with him.) :)


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