Friday, November 3, 2017

Foliage and Knitting

One of my maple trees in the front is looking so beautiful.  I see this tree when I look out my front window.  This tree framed by my new gold curtains is a beautiful sight.

The other tree is still mostly green, though there is change, and several of our trees on the property are still mostly green.  Such an interesting year.

So far this fall I've knit three cowls, two scarves, a baby hat and I am working on a hat for me!  This is the softest yarn and a lovely heathered grey.

I'm starting to get busy on my list of gifts for people, and I believe that we will continue with our pattern of gift giving.  I'll talk about that in a post soon.  

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. That's a real pretty view out your window.

  2. you've been busy!
    loving the red leafed tree..
    and that gorgeous gray heather yarn ♥♥♥

  3. Oh Deanna..what a beautiful gray yarn that is! You are so talented...wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  4. We are in same boat. Our foliage is mostly green still. It is a strange year.

  5. My trees are turning and the leaves are falling:) I am enjoying this weather we are having! Sounds like you are staying busy, those are the most special gifts! HUGS

  6. Beautiful tree, and the gray yarn looks so warm and soft. You are so talented with your knitting skills.

  7. Your tree is beautiful! The maple tree outside our front window is bare now. We have had some strong winds this week and they tore all the lovely leaves off. November is such a dreary month here but come mid-November after the 11th, which is when we honour our veterans, the lights will go up in shop windows and they will start playing Christmas songs. Then everyone starts decorating for Christmas too and that will perk things up. Have a wonderful weekend, Deanna!


  8. You've been busy with your needles. Love the soft grey of the hat you've made. A chilly wind today (and a bit of snow overnight!) are causing the leaves to fly off the trees. Soon they will be bare. Your maple is a gorgeous sight.

  9. So nice to see such a beautiful tree outside your window! Hoping your lovely fall continues... winter came last night here! Your gift giving project sounds like a great idea, and your knitting projects must keep you very busy! :)

  10. Your post from Oct 18 inspired me, and I'm on my fourth cowl since then; thank you! The first, which will probably be the favorite was knit with Lion Brand Homespun harvest (the variegated colors of fall leaves!), basic garter stitch, size 15 needles, 40 stitches across, just used the whole skein and turned it moibus like the pattern said. A great evening activity after the little ones are in bed and we're listening to an audiobook! Thanks Deanna!

  11. There is finally a good deal of color here, and I am thrilled! We took a short drive on Thursday (Kati's birthday) and I'd like to think we'll have time to do another tomorrow (gotta soak up autumn while it's here!) but I'm not sure that we'll be able to fit it in. Tomorrow is house cleaning and party prep for the November birthday celebration on Sunday.

    The folks on your Christmas gift list are fortunate indeed! Love that lovely gray yarn!

  12. What a blessing to still have trees yet to turn! This one displaying crimson foliage is
    beautiful. I will have to check back in to see what your gift-giving plan is. I think it may
    be the one I adopted as the result of reading it here.


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