Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What I'm Wearing Now That Cold Weather Has Arrived

After a mild summer, and a warm autumn, cold weather has arrived!  Its going to be chilly most days this week, and very cold overnight, with an expected high temperature of 36 on Friday!  

Its been crazy to try to figure out what to wear, since the autumn temps were unseasonably warm.  It would have felt odd to wear sweaters, scarves and boots with the temps they way they were.  That is now not an issue.

My current wardrobe is pretty casual - 

I have three long sleeve knit dresses, four short sleeve dresses (I can wear these with cardigans) several skirts, 4 pairs of jeans (one black, 2 darker blue and 1 olive green), two long sleeve tees, four cardigans.  I have three pairs of leggings, to wear with the dresses.  I have a long, thick grey sweater (purchased from Costco several years ago), a denim jacket, a navy blue quilted field jacket, and I think I still have a short grey peacoat style jacket.

For shoes I'm wearing my slip on Skechers, black booties, black tall boots most of the time. I have a pair of black, faux fur lined, ugg style boots.

All of my things mix and match, like a good basic capsule wardrobe should.

Here are things I have - 

product photo

This is from Old Navy.  I'm short so on me it hits at the knee and I'm wearing it with leggings.  I have this in a dark green also.

Plus Size Signature Fit Skinny Leg Jeans

These jeans are great and are from Dress Barn.  They have some stretch in them and wear great without losing their shape!  I also never wear my shirts tucked in - with my body shape that is not a good look for me!

Here I am in my jean jacket (Old Navy) and one of my short sleeved knit dresses (also Old Navy).  I can 'cold weather this up' by adding a scarf, leggings and boots.

What are you wearing for the cold weather?  Any favorites you want to share with us?


  1. Hope I have warm enough clothes. I love your well organized wardrobe!

  2. Love your winter choices. My wardrobe doesn’t change much season to season. I wear the same 7 blouses, add t-shirts under them for cooler days. I own 4 pairs of pants and a couple of dresses to wear with tights or leggings. To keep ,my wardrobe from becoming boring I try to change it up by the way I wear them. I have a few scarves, jewelry and shoes. Leopard shoes always add attitude to an outfit. I own a couple of jackets. I have more fun with less clothes trying to come up with different combinations. They are all my favorites and only buy something when something wears out. It’s fun to see how others style their clothes. Thanks for the post. Lynn

    1. It sounds like you have a great capsule wardrobe! I have some leopard print flats but they hurt my feet so I don't wear them! I need to find some that are wider, because I love the way they look with certain outfits!

  3. You look lovely. I just add an underskirt and leggins. I throw a sweater over too. I just got a new pair of riding boots. They look so wonderful under long or short skirts. I don't tuck my shirts in either. Stay warm.

  4. I discovered Dress Barn last season and now I'm hooked. I love their stuff! We sound like we have the exact same style and I think I own what you own! Today, it's cold here too, first time. I am wearing leggings, a long sweater and sweater boots. I might even pop on a scarf!

  5. Hi Deanna - love your basic wardrobe pieces!

    I really need to clean out my closet and purge and do some shopping.

    I ♥ Dress Barn but haven't been to Old Navy in years - it's such a good value, need to go there soon.

    I really really like that grey dress but can't wear grey well. I can layer with it but not have it as main piece.

    Thanks for your visit and sweet comment. Have a glorious day.

  6. Boots! I can finally wear a pair of boots today! Otherwise, just a jacket over my usual tops and jeans.

  7. I love the look od long tunics, leggings and boots! And what's not to love about a jean jacket, right??

  8. It's cold here too, and rainy. I wear a lot of black pants, jeans and occasionally gray or beige slacks. Have some long skirts one pencil skirt and two dresses for Sundays. I'm in awe at how complicated the dress is for younger women. Each outfit seems a work of art and takes a lot of extra stuff it seems.

  9. You look great.I like leggings and dresses. Usually, I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt topped with a flannel shirt. It’s a look! 😶

  10. You always look great and so put together! I love your capsule wardrobe. I should break out of my box (jeans! almost always!). When I see outfits like yours, I think I'll try something new, but then I always end up in my comfort zone.

    Today, I am wearing a long sleeved black tee and jeans. I just put on a black and white print sweater (new to me, hand-me-down from my sister) because I am going out tonight and it's cold out there! I am trying to get away with not wearing a coat. ;)

  11. Awesome! I love you sharing this. How can I go about starting to create a basic capsule wardrobe like this? Do you have an older post? I love idea of wintering things up like the short sleeve dresses. I have a short sleeve dress from old navy and a jean jacket. Brilliant!


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