Friday, November 24, 2017

The Season of Joy is here!

We had a truly lovely day, yesterday.

Great food and a beautiful table

Isla warming up to grandpa!

Group photo - Lindsay and Joseph where with his family this year but popped over for photos. (thankfully his family live 3 minutes from us!)  We also had a friend of my parents with us for the day.  Happy to say that she is now our friend, too!

We ate, talked, enjoyed the grands, and played Mexican Train all evening.

We managed to get a family photo that is nice of everyone!
Don't mind Kamryn's tongue.  She's seven.  Its been hard enough to get Kyle to not stick his tongue out in photos, and he's 12.  Sigh...At least everyone is looking at the camera!

Today I'll start with my Christmas decorating.  We'll maybe go get a tree, too, as we always do a live tree.  

I'll be working on plans this weekend for hosting our co-op mom's Christmas party here a week from today, then our ladies tea at church on December 7th!

Oh and I think we may go look at Christmas lights this weekend while Isla is with us!  Fun to see their reaction to seeing the lights for the first time!

The season of JOY is here!  I'm so excited and I know you are too!


  1. Great group photos! That’s so hard to do - get a good one of everybody!
    I bet you hit the floor running this morning! I’m about to do the same.

  2. I agree, the Season of Joy is here! Gotta get moving! HUGS!

  3. Great family photo! Happy decorating!

  4. Say, Mom, Kyle is getting ready to sail right past you! I can’t believe how tall he is. 🙂

  5. What a whirlwind weekend it was! Sounds like you had lots of good things going on and I know that memory banks are filled!

  6. Oh . . . I meant to say how wonderful your family photo is!!


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