Monday, November 13, 2017

Six Weeks 'Til Christmas: My method of Gift Giving

I found this on Pinterest several years ago, when we were paring down our gift giving.  With so many family members it was getting out of hand!

I really like these four categories.  You could chose your own categories, the idea is to give less, but more thoughtful gifts.  The gifts don't have to be expensive either.  Some of our favorite gifts have come from thrift stores!

For Kyle's something you want I bought him a game.  He'd seen when we were out shopping, so I new he'd like it. For his something you wear I could get him a fun tshirt.  Get the idea?

So easy.  I've seen some of these with something to eat which would be fun as well!

How do you go about your gift giving?


  1. I wrote that down to use for Christmas shopping. Thanks Deanna

  2. I think it's a clever idea! Especially if you are giving one person several gifts....We just don't "go" there or it would be VERY complicated. :)

  3. We don't have a big family to buy for but try to keep spending under control. Last year older son and wife, granddaughter and husband, grandson and girlfriend all got K-Cup assortments and then a package of fancy cookies. This year we are going with sox (fun non-skid ones - think fox, panda and cowboy boots - for the girls and fun sox for the guys and will put a few little things in the sox and include some cash.... Better start thinking of a theme for next year - I'll keep the suggestion in your post in mind.

  4. I give Texas Trash to the older grands and pajamas, robes and slippers to the younger ones. I think I am past the stage where I buy a lot of gifts anymore.

  5. I like your method of gift-giving. I'll bet it helps to keep things simple.


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