Thursday, November 9, 2017

Home Keeping: Living Room Rearrangement

Okay, you know how thinking about one thing, can lead to another thing?

I've been thinking about the holidays and one of the big things every year is where to put the Christmas tree.  I always have to rearrange furniture, which is fine with me since I love to rearrange.

You can guess what's coming, right?

A total room rearrangement this afternoon.  You can see how it was arranged in this post.  

Of course, this is just a peek at the rearrangement because I have some wall decor to rearrange before I show you more.

I really like it.  I think the bookcase looks better on the shorter wall.  It looked a bit small for the long wall.  I'm happy with the changes.  Hopefully I'll get to the walls tomorrow, but we have co-op so no promises for tomorrow, but maybe Friday.

What do you think about the layout and arrangement?  Do you move furniture around like I do?  Sarah told me today that when she gets her own house she is not going to move things around very much. "Once I find a good place for everything, its going to stay there."  She takes after her Grammy in this way! (smile)


  1. Looks good to me. I use to be bad about moving furniture around all the time, but since I now have knee and shoulder problems, I don't do it as much, just a chair or two and maybe a side table.

  2. I do like the small bookcase on the shorter wall. Yes I love to rearrange where it's possible. Even small changes are refreshing!

  3. Can't wait to see the new arrangement completed! Yes, everytime I bring in a "new" (old) piece of furniture, it all gets rearranged. In our living room, there are 3 walls that can take the 3 larger pieces of furniture - so things just get rotated.

  4. I love rearranging g, we always do for the holidays as well.....I just adore your floors, real wood?


  5. My mother was a great one to rearrange the furniture. One night my dad went to bed and, without turning on the light, sat down on the edge of the non-existent bed. He went down with a yelp. He was not amused.

    And I loved shoving furniture around on general principle; however, now that I am much older, I just can’t physically do it anymore.

    Keep having fun!

    1. What a delightful story about your dad! Sweet memories.

  6. I love your new arrangement!! Keep it fresh!! :D

    (Cracking up at Vee's story!! Oops!)

  7. I love those red chairs! I bet they look good anywhere.


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