Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pinterest Inspiration Success!

Back in August I did a post about finding clothing style inspiration on Pinterest.  The first photo I linked was this one - 

You can find that post here.

I really liked the look of this black and white checked shirt with the pink cardigan and the pearls.  I have a pink cardi, deeper pink that this one though, so I began to search out a checked shirt.  It wasn't easy to find, and in the end I found a larger check than this one is, but I really like it.

I met my friend Jen for breakfast today so I wore the black and white checked shirt, pink cardi, and pearls, with black leggings and my black booties.

Here's a few photos I took in my van while I was waiting for my friend to arrive.

I did not get a full length photo.  I really like this shirt because it is long and covers the bum and the belly area.  That's a win win in my book!

  I really like the way my outfit turned out.  I actually like the bigger check better than the inspiration photo, and I like the deeper shade of pink of my cardigan than the one in the inspiration photo.

What do you think?  Do you look up clothes on Pinterest?  Have you been inspired by something you've seen on there and had success copying it?

You can find more inspiration on my Fashion Over 40 board.


  1. No, I've never done that, but seeing YOUR success is definitely inspiring! You look terrific :)

  2. GIRL, you are styling in that outfit:) I love it! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. No, I have not tried Pinterest for fashion tips. Sometimes I watch a certain shopping network for ideas. Alas, that is a challenge and I have had to return items because they do not fit properly. You’re looking terrific, Deanna!

  4. ♥ the outfit, deanna..
    i have a red/white checked shirt i wear
    with my pearls, and vary the shade of the sweater.

  5. Great outfit! And yes, I like your version better. I'm a bold color kind of girl!

  6. Love it!!

    No, I don't have a fashion board on Pinterest, but perhaps I should. I could use the inspiration!


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