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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Colonial Ballgowns

One of the many joys of having daughters is that they love to play dress up. They particularly like to wear historical style dresses. I made the blue dress last year for Rachel and this weekend I made the pink dress.

The blue dress is very similar to Felicity's dress from the American Girl series. The pink we say is like Felicity's friend Elizabeth's dress.


  1. Aunt Deanna, they're beautiful! Both the girls and the dresses are so pretty!
    And those cupcakes looks delicious!

  2. Rachel is like Nate when we was little. Every picture a funny/goofy smile!! Sweet! And little Sarah looks like she has sprouted. Wow!!

    Where is the picture of Rachel taken with the pictures behind her? I can't figure that out??

    All the girlies needed was "Up-doo" hairstyles with ringlets!!

  3. The picture was taken on the couch next to the hutch. Those are watercolors I bought in Williamsburg last September and then found frames for them this last trip! They look great!

  4. Ahh, Mrs. Rabe - could you please make ME a dress like that to wear? Yes, I'd be prancing around the house in that! LOL! They're absolutely beautiful. What lucky girls!!

  5. I love those girls...and the dresses too!
    Your children are blessed to call you Mommy!
    Becky K.

  6. What beautiful dresses! I want one! And very pretty girls! :)


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