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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse

Early in December, I found a book in the library about Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse. It was so cool to see the dolls she had made by hand and the lovely dollhouse built as a replica of her own home, Corgi Cottage.

The book went on to explain that the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg, Virginia wanted to do an exhibition of her dollhouse. The only problem was that much of Tasha's dollhouse in her home in built in to the walls. So, the people at the museum got wood crafters from Colonial Williamsburg to make a miniature version of Tasha's home in Vermont.

There are beautiful photos in this book, and they show her dolls, Emma and Captain Crane, living in each of the rooms. They rooms are often a mini version of Tasha's own rooms, even down to the chairs, several of which Tasha's daughter in law Marjorie made.

When Tim and I went to Williamsburg we were able to go to the Museum and to see this dollhouse. It is so amazing!

Here is the greenhouse. (pardon my hair, but it was very windy that day and cold!)

This room is the library. Real miniature books, paintings, and musical instruments on the floor in front the couch.

The parlor. The gas chandlier was made by the Corning Company in New York. I love the little tea set. Oh and the polar bear rug, was made from a real critter that was eating the eggs of Tasha's hens. She and her grandson made short work of the critter and a taxidermist made it into a "polar bear".

This lovely entry hall has a replica chair of one owned by Tasha. Inside the curio cabinet is a set of miniature porceline Beatrix Potter characters. They were sent to the dolls by the person who handles the estate of Beatrix Potter.

This is the bedroom, in all it's cluttery glory.

Here is the dining room. Real dishes, paintings, furniture...

Here is the kitchen. It is apparently a replica of Tasha's. Several items really work.

The goat barn. This is an exact replica as well....

Even down to the goat droppings!

I was so happy to be able to see this exhibition, especially since I had just read the book about it. It is part of a special exhibition showing children's things, toys, furniture etc...


  1. Wow I love the goat area!! Ryan would love the goats!! What cool pics Auntie Dee!

  2. You are one of those lucky people that photographs well.

    Love the dollhouse...teeny things make me happy!

    Gotta get to "schooling".
    Becky K.

  3. Becky! I like little teeny things too!!

    I love Tasha's artwork so I would have been interested to see this. Did they have any of her artwork or just the dollhouse?? I didn't see any miniature corgy's, were there any??

  4. I don't remember about the corgi's. I also read that the dolls should have been there but they were not, so maybe they were out walking the corgis!

    Our library has a ton of Tasha Tudor books. I checked out alot of them and they are interesting, her cookbook especially. Good recipes!


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