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Monday, January 7, 2008

The Wythe House

This is the dining room in the Wythe house. This color is so striking. Mr. Wythe was a mentor to Thomas Jefferson and taught him the law. His home is on the Palace Green, so we know he was a prominent citizen.

This is in a downstairs bedroom. They do not know if the Wythe's had any children, but this is a beautiful ladies/girls bedroom. On the walls is an authentic wallpaper pattern. It is very bright!
This is the seating area of Mr. and Mrs. Wythe's bedroom. The wallpaper is purple and white and they had a dark purple toile on their bed set.

This is a work room. It had mending on the table. Note the bare floors. All the houses, including the Palace had bare floors. I asked regarding this and they said that because the roads were all sand and shells, that would have been tracked in and scratch up any kind of finish on the floors, so they left them bare. The few carpets and rugs would only have been put down when company were coming, as a way to show a persons wealth.


  1. Love the pink bed!!!

  2. It was beautiful!

    There was a beautiful little writing desk in there as well. Without the computer, television, movies etc, to spend time on, they did alot of writing letters, playing instruments, sewing, and visiting.

    It also took along time to just live. Everything took much longer than now, cooking especially. If you could afford househelp, you had it!


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