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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jesus Loves the Little Children

My youngest daughter is a very funny girl. She is sanguine and bubbly and will talk to anyone! She often seems taken up with the moment. She is not one you automatically think of as being "deep".

The truth of the matter is that she is a deep thinker, it comes out in astute statements, discerning observations, and well thought out questions.

For sometime we have been teaching her about Jesus and about salvation. She would ask good questions, and we would answer them and leave it at that. We have never wanted to push our children into "becoming Christians" because they think we want them to or that you do it because everyone else does. We want them to make that choice for themselves. Several months ago she gave her sister a rock I had given her that had "God is Faithful" on it. When her sister asked her why, Sarah said "because I'm not a Christian yet".

In September of 2006 my Grandmother died. Sarah was very close to Grandma Lily and they would sit together and watch movies. They liked the same kind! Sarah was sad, and misses her still, but she knew that Grandma Lily was a Christian and was now in heaven. She would ask questions or say things like " I bet Grandma Lily can run as fast as me now!" She was curious about heaven.

We also have been praying for the Skees family, whose daughter Ellie "ran to Jesus" recently.

Sarah said to me last night "I know Christians go to heaven when they die, do people who aren't Christians just keep living?" I answered her that "everyone's body dies at some point and that those who aren't Christians do not go to be with Jesus. They go to the place that God prepared for Satan and the angels that followed him." We talked for awhile and I mentioned that if at sometime she wanted to pray and tell God that she was taking Jesus as her savior and to thank Him, I could help her do that. She put her hands over her eyes and was fighting back tears. I asked her what was wrong, and she mentioned she wanted to talk to me alone (her sister Emily was in the room). Emily left the room and Sarah moved her hands from her eyes and said with tears running down her face said "I want to be a Christian, but it is so hard!" I held her for a while and said "That becoming a Christian was easy, because Jesus did all the work already. Walking with the Lord was not always easy because we often want to do what we want, not what God wants us to do." I talked with her about what scripture says, she interrupted to go get HER bible. I showed her in her bible, asked her if she knew she sinned, "yes" she knew that, I asked her if she knew that Jesus died for her sins and that she couldn't do anything good to get to heaven, "yes" she knew that. She said to me "Mom do you remember earlier you said that you would help me pray? I think I need to do that right now!" So we did!

A happier and more at peace little girl, you never saw. She was radiant! We wrote it in her bible and she proudly took it to show her daddy and brother and sisters. She can't wait to show her Sunday school teacher, in fact she told her sisters that "they better get up early on Sunday, because she did not want to be late for Sunday school". :) She said to me "I'm not sure that all the kids in my class are Christians, so she can't wait to tell them either."

What JOY! What Blessing! To be priviledged to lead your child to the Savior!


  1. A sweet story and a quite a thinker. You could tell she really thought about this. Sweet Sarah, someday she and G. Lily can Praise God together and instead of watching video's they can listen to the stories by Jesus himself. I am praying that as she moves into the teen years and young adulthood that she will keep her eyes on Jesus!

  2. Wow - that is special. That is a moment that as as parent you want to share with your child. Staying close to Jesus is the safest place for her to be.

  3. This is so special Auntie Dee!!! I remember when I once asked these questions and my mom also helped me accpet the Lord. She will always remember this! I love her heart of gold. Don't you just love young ones?!!

  4. I'm glad you linked back to this post today on Sarah's birthday. I don't think i'd seen it before. What a sweetie she is.

  5. Oh this is so special. Words cannot convey, the tears might do better. It could easily be placed in your sidebar as a "plan of salvation." and a little child shall lead them...

  6. Reading this again tonight, what a precious and priviledged moment!


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