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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!

Oh the delight of a daughter!

We are thankful for our sweet Lindsay! She has grown into a smart, wise, young woman. She is helpful, works hard, and loves her family and her animals. She loves the outdoors and is the kind of person who can adapt to different situations. She does not like the limelight, but is willing to work hard behind the scenes.

She has become quite capable as a help to me in our home. She is trustworthy. Her worth is more than rubies!

Now to get her driving permit! How cool is that?
We Love You!


  1. What a sweet mom you are! Your love for your children, reminds me a lot of the love that mom has for my sister and I. She is blessed to have such a great mom like you, not every child is blessed like this!!

    I hope she has an extra special day!!!! Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!

  2. Lindsay!! Happy Birthday. I worked on a gift for you last night and should have it finished in a couple of days!!!

    Have a great time bowling and I hope everyone lets you win!!!

    One of Kaitlin's first words out of bed was that she needed to call Lindsay!! So your cousin, loves you dearly!!

  3. Wow - Happy Birthday to a wonderful young lady!

    You left that note about praying for each other - those of us with teens...I know that Doug & I would covet your prayers. From this point on they will be gone too soon.

  4. Lindsay wanted me to tell you all thank you for your birthday wishes!

    She loved her call from Kaitlin. Kaitlin is very faithful to call everyone on their birthday! She is so sweet!

  5. Happy Birthday, again, Lindsay! You are one very special Young Lady.

    I love it that you can beat Jonathan at bowling and that he can take it well. You are a good friend!

    Becky K.

  6. Hi, I hope Lindsay had a good birthday. She's such a beautiful young lady. I love the picture of her with the horse.
    I'm so sorry i didn't get a note sent before her birthday! Can I still send a note by email?


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