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Monday, January 7, 2008

Scenes from Williamsburg

We are back from our wonderful anniversary trip. It was so special to have time to focus on each other. It was great!

Here are some pictures of from our trip.

This is the fountain in front of our hotel. It was colder than normal in Virginia, but the fountain was still on. Later in the day they turned it off and when we left 3 days later is was still frozen! It is probably back to normal now!

This picture is from the entry hall at the Governors Palace. It was designed to impress you and indeed it does. There are hundreds of weapons hanging. It was intended to show everyone the might of the British Empire.

This is a close up of the marble on the fireplace.

Just off the entry hall to the left is the housekeepers room. It was large with cabinets of silver and shelves filled with crystal. From this desk the housekeeper commanded 80 + servants and slaves.
Here are some of the shelves filled with crystal. These were in plain view from the entry hall so I think that they were meant to to impress as well. They definately showed the wealth of the Governor.

This is a shot of the managers office. If you had business of any kind with the Governor, you came to see this man in this office. The wall is showing a portion of 34 Biblical scenes that are hanging on the walls.

This is a really cool map, showing Virginia. It is quite detailed and it was drawn by Thomas Jefferson's father Peter.

Upstairs are the bedrooms and the family parlor. This purple toile trimmed in green is the bed of the 2 eldest daughters of the Governor. They were ages 13 and 14. They shared a bed, which was quite normal for the time. I couldn't help but contrast it to today where not only do children have their own beds, but often people think each child must have their own room as well.

On the bed is a silk ballgown. The house was set up as if they were preparing for a ball in honor of Queen Charlotte's birthday.

This lovely bed is in the corner of the bedroom shared by the Governors' daughters. They had a French governess and she not only taught them and looked out for them but she slept in their room as well.

The bed above is in the Lord and Lady Dunmore's bedroom. He was the last Governor of Viriginia before the revolution. He and his wife had 7 children, one of whom was born there in the palace. The walls of this room are the color of my livingroom and kitchen, it is a Martin Senor color called "Palace Chambers Yellow". It was nice to see that it was a real color in the palace.

Below are some wigs in the powder room, which is located just off the ballroom. This was a room for MEN! The guide said "another male bastion that has been overtaken by women!"

The ballroom. There are huge portraits of King George III and Queen Charlotte on the far end walls. Look at that brilliant color contrasted with gorgeous white trim.

This gentleman played several songs on the harpsicord. We were told that when you can to a ball, each couple there danced the minuet ALONE. Not like in the movies where everyone dances it together. You danced in order of your importance in society and everyone stood around and watched you! Talk about pressure! Also when you went to a ball or to someones home you were expected to bring a musical instrument to play, sing a song, recite something. You were to help with the evenings entertainment. I like this idea, and might have to try it out.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time!

    The purple toile was very pretty and the bedspread in florals was pretty. They must have had great mills to make these materials...

    Did the kids survive and your folks???

    DId you get a picture of you and Tim?? I want to see!!!

  2. We did not get a picture together, can you believe it?

    The kids survived and so did Mom and Dad!

    It was a wonderful trip!

  3. what a lovely time you must've had, mrs. rabe. the architecture and decor is amazing. i especially like the cobblestone streets, landscaping and herb gardens..and the absolutely adorable wee homes on the side streets. and the deli near the bookstore. yes. and...................everything.

    i'm so glad you and your honey were able to enjoy Williamsburg together..alone.


  4. It was such a special time to have together!

    Our children were delighted to have us home, and we were happy to get home, but it did our hearts and marriage good to have this wonderful time!

  5. Congratulations on 20 years together!
    That deserves some special time away.
    That is an amazing picture of the fountain!


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