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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Fun Day Ahead

I know I should be using today to work on my parents dining room, or to do school with the kids, but I am not going to!

Today, my mom and I are taking our annual "Kick off the Holiday Season", shopping trip! Woo Hoo! This event is open to anyone in the family, age 13 or older, so Lindsay and Emily will be coming along with us. This is a coveted trip and the girls can't wait until they turn 13 to be able to go.

I am making alot of gifts this year, but I wouldn't miss this day out shopping and having lunch for anything! We have so much fun, and Lindsay and Emily have been working so hard, between school and work, that it will be a nice treat for them.

Tomorrow I will be back at the dining room - surprisingly I woke up feeling fine yesterday! So after today I will be refreshed and ready to go.

Have a wonderful day -


  1. Have a great time - sounds like a blast! Good job girls, enjoy your special day with your mom and grandma :)

  2. What a fun idea! Hope you have fun shopping and have a yummy lunch with your girls and mom!! I remember you posting this last year too! I am sure the other kids dont mind having a day off!! LOL :-)

  3. Oh I hear ya! The kids are playing with legos right now and I know we should be doing school work but my brain just isn't there yet. Did anyone tell us that homeschooling was going to be a sacrifice? I desperately want to have them home, away from the influences out there, getting educated how I want them educated. But it means that I have to go back to school again in a sense. =) Well... I have to get started. Have a beautifully refreshing day. You DO need it. All of us do that homeschool. It'll be good for the kids in the end. Blesings.. Polly

  4. Oh man!! I wanted to go!! I went 4 years ago!! Have fun!

  5. Hi!
    I just wanted to stop in and see (meet) the lady who left such a clever comment on Brin's blog!
    I've never heard of the man she likes (his name still escapes me...) but that he is a professing Christian and supports Obama puzzles me. And that Brin admires him, surprises me a little more...

    Anyway, it sounds as though you had a wonderful day with your girls and your mom. How blessed you are to have such a bond!

    I'm off to read more about you...!!!


  6. Welcome Julie - I was blog surfing the other day - I don't remember which blog is Brin's. What on earth did I say?

    Could you send me the link to her blog?


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