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Saturday, October 4, 2008

What Do Our Clothes Say About Our Relationship To God?

I read a thoughtful post at "Girl Talk" today, from a September post about clothing.

I will be rereading it and mulling it over, and sharing it with my girls.


  1. Wow....
    I too agree that we shouldn't be making statements about ourselves, yet our clothing does at times....or at least I feel that way, and I get the prideful of *oh..I look goooood today*....I guess the bottom line is to dress in such a way that we don't draw attention to ourselves....that we aren't SHOWY....and I think that can go by dressing like the women from Utah ????...that their children were taken away from them. I mean they were ULTRA conservative in their clothes, but weren't they still calling attention to themselves and almost prideful or pious looking because they were so conservative. Don't know if this makes sense or if you even want to post this...just thinking out loud, or via my Dell.

  2. I agree with Deby about how the women in the Utah/Texas cult dress. There are certainly extremes in dress style, one way or 'tuther.

    I'm a basic dresser and have been told on occasion I'm boring in my choices. ha! Okay.

  3. I believe that we as believing women should be feminine, modest and nicely dressed. That said my style is pretty simple as well. I don't think we need to all look alike but to remember that we represent Christ in this world. I don't want to look like a person without hope!

    I like that the blog post was about where our attention is focused. On what we look like but on who gave us those clothes.


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