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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Peaceful Day

Today was one of those delightful days; sunny, chilly and full of home work. I made homemade chicken soup with alphabet pasta and cornbread - my littles just loved it! The joy of that meal, exclaiming over the letters was so fun. Added to that fun was that Grandma and Grandpa came over and spent the afternoon with us, after checking out a flea market.

Believe it or not the little girls were at loose ends for awhile today so I had them carve pumpkins. They have never done that by themselves before. I showed them how and they did great! We are using these two pumpkins to show our address for a tea I am having on Monday.

It was slimy work - see that funny face!

You can tell what Rachel is thinking...
The inside of one of their pumpkins
Here is the pulp and the seeds...
We saved many seeds to toast - and then this evening tasted them - yummy! It was the first time we toasted the seeds and ate them.
The sky was so gloriously blue today, this picture can't even quite capture it.
Here is a picture of some of the wood stacked and prepared for the cold weather ahead - we use our woodstove to help heat the house...
This is our horse Sandi - Rachel spent time with her today - she was ornery though, she tried to nip me!

Tim used the day to do maintenance on my van. He went in to work this evening for some overtime...
Here he is getting ready to come out from under the van. He is such a wonderful man, who works hard at work and at home...he shows us his love in so many tangible ways. We are so blessed.
I spent time clearing out my back flowerbeds, preparing them for sleep over the autumn and winter....tonight is going to be below freezing overnight. Here are my daisy-like mums...I have some out front as well as these in the galvanized tub by the back door.
Rachel took this photo of a small tree whose leaves have been changing...With the older girls at work all day, I have no photos of them but I will end this post with a photo of my styling little man....
Check out the cowboy boots, sweatpants, polar fleece jacket and pink girlie sunglasses. When he saw this photo he said "Mom! There's my green shovel!" gotta love them! I sure do love mine.
I pray that you will have a peaceful day tomorrow and enjoy the blessings all around us. So much to be grateful and thankful for....Sweet Dreams!


  1. Love that "euhhh, slimmy" face! How cute =)
    I see I was tagged ;-) Fun, thx!

  2. What a very sweet post!! Kyle is so cute! And I love all the "gooey" faces!

    Carving pumpkins is so fun and Ryan loves to do it too!! My family, Ryan and I still get together and do it!! Oh and roasted seeds are just too good! We do that every year and they are gone so fast!

    Mmm...the Chicken soup sounds yummy!! I bet the alphabet was fun for them...good idea!

    And I LOVE how you said "Sweet Dreams!" My mom always said this to me as a little girl and actually she still does via test message! I love saying sweet dreams, I think its just so sweet. I had night terrors as a young child, so this was said to me with definite truth!! I will definitely have to remember to say this to our little one too!

  3. I loved seeing all the autumn pictures - I have a picture of Tylor about 3 years old with a toy drill and cinderella shoes - He loved the blue sparkles :) but he always had his tools with him too :) hee hee - I love boys!

  4. WE loved spending the afternoon with our dear family. So much fun. Nothing I would rather do then spend time with all by "babies". THe ones in CA of course as well. THe soup was yummy and boy it was a hit especially with Kyle. What a great afternoon.


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