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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ok, I Am Really Tired!

Today, I went back to my parents house to continue work on their dining room - I started last Wednesday by beginning to remove wallpaper.

When they purchased the home 10 years ago, the dining room, which is huge and has lovely wood floors and crown moulding and great wainscoting, was in need of some work. To put it more accurately, the wainscoting was in need of some work. The previous owners had painted it pepto pink! Oh yes, truly the color of the tummy remedy of my childhood.

We think they were trying to match the pink flower in the wallpaper, but it wasn't that color so, who knows? They are the ones who put in the lovely mouldings, so we couldn't figure out the reasoning, only that we must immediately paint it white!!!!! Which we did!

Back to my work on the dining room - the wallboard was not properly prepared for wallpaper so this has made for a more tedious job. I hate prep work myself, but PLEASE if you are going to use wallpaper, do yourself and people who may own your home after you, a giant favor and prep your walls!

I have no idea if you are still with me or not- thank you to those of you who are!

Today I finished getting the wallpaper off, spackled and sanded, then painted the ceiling and crown moulding and the wainscot. My arms are tired, my wrist hurts and I am going to feel sore tomorrow. I can't wait though to get the paint on the walls! They are going to use Valspar's "Cut Ruby" the same color as my bathroom.
It is going to look stunning! I definitely will show you pictures when it is all done!

I got home tonight around 9:30 and put a turkey in the oven to slow roast overnight. I also made stuffing. Lindsay made sweet potato casserole. We will enjoy all that yumminess after church tomorrow!
Now I must go tuck in the little ones, get a shower and go to bed.
Good night everyone - Sweet Dreams!


  1. None of the walls in our house were properly prepared before papering, either. Ugh-what a job!

    Hope your arms and wrists feel better after a good night of rest.

    I'm sure your folks are going to be so happy to have it redone. Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of work! I know how wallpaper is!! When my parents bought the home they are in there was wall paper just everywhere and it was tough to remove! UGH! You will feel so good once that room is done, just to sit back and enjoy it will be so worth it!

    I am with you on being tired...I have been exhausted the past three days and last night I hit the pillow at 7:30pm I couldnt believe it!! I was out and didnt wake up till 7 this morning!!!

    Hope you get good rest and have sweet dreams!!!

  3. It looks beautiful...I love the color...
    Hope you aren't as sore today...what a good daughter you are.

  4. What time is dinner? We'll be over! LOL Can't wait to see the pictures of the new diningroom. Your folks will be "tickled pink!"
    Ruth, PA

  5. Poor baby. Thanks for all the work and you know we do appreciate it. It will be absolutely lovely when completed. We'll be over to have some turkey. Ha Ha

  6. Oh yeah, at our first house the wallpaper was just stuck directly on to the wallboard and I quite a time getting it off without damaging the walls, so I totally sympathize!

    That's such a pretty red - can't wait to see it when you're done and I hope your arms feel better!


  7. Sounds like you have been a busy girl! I love that red wall!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my son's wedding! We had such an amazing time and are so thankful!

    Hugs, Sharon

  8. You never said a word...silly lady. And then you hosted all of us. Well, we had a lovely time.

    I'll bet that will look just wonderful when you are done.

    Having removed a lot of wallpaper in my day I know what a huge job it is.

    Becky K.

  9. Oh my, but I hear you about that wallpaper stripping and the "unprepared" walls..... Aren't you smart to know how to repair them, however. I wouldn't have a clue. My husband did repair the walls, however.

    That red is beautiful! Red is my favorite and this is the first home, we've lived in without a red wall.... Oh! I just remembered, when we get around to doing our son's room, he will have red at the top of his walls. I'll probably spend alot of time in there just to look at the red...

    Yummy, an early Thanksgiving dinner. Are y'all doing a unit study on Thanksgiving or just craving the dinner? Either way...



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