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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Is Home?

What is Home?

"A roof to keep out the rain? Four walls to keep out the wind? Floors to keep out the cold? Yes, but home is more than that.

It is the laugh of a baby, the song of a mother, the strength of a father, warmth of loving hearts, lights from happy eyes, kindness, loyalty, comradeship. Home is first school and first church for young ones, where they learn what is right, what is good, and what is kind, where they go for comfort when they are hurt or sick; where joy is shared and sorrow eased; where fathers and mothers are respected and loved, where children are wanted; where the simplest food is good enough for kings because it is earned; where money is not as important as loving-kindness; where even the tea kettle sings from happiness.

That is home. God bless it!"



  1. I love this post, MrsRabe! You have a beautiful and loving family. I missed a picture of YOU though! ((( hug )))

  2. I love this poem, and have used it on my blog many moons ago. You have a beautiful family! I just replied to your email, too.

  3. What a lovely family you have. I loved seeing all your picture's. How sweet.
    Love & Prayers,

  4. Hmm, not sure if my comment went computer is having problems...
    I love the wonderful, true words on home, what a blessed place!

    I've tagged you-please see my blog!

  5. This is one awesome post Auntie Dee! I absolutely love it. All of it is truth! Home life needs to be just like this, filled with love, kindness and warmth and the focus of Jesus.

  6. Very true!! I love all the pictures! You did a great posting here!! I like the one of Em and Kyle!!! Too cute!! Yea, where is YOUR picture Auntie Dee????

    We took one this the pool!!!

  7. Great words and great pictures.

    Love it!

    Becky K.

  8. Oh, what an awesome post! Don't you just love home! I value it so much from my own chidhood to the home my husband and I created with our four sons. Of course, Christ is the head of our home and what a blessing it has been! I have been on vacation and have enjoyed "pretending" I'm a full time housewife. I just love being in my home and cooking, cleaning, decorating and taking care of my family. I am thankful I just normally work three days a week, but still would love to be home fulltime!My second son, Cameron, called me yesterday and said he just wanted to tell me that he is really glad that I'm his mom! That made my day!

    Have a great day!

  9. What a neat poem and pictures to match! I loved it.
    Thanks for tagging me. I'll post when i can.

  10. I love this post...snippets of words and thoughts and pictures...oh this was so great....


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