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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Still Here

We had such a great time on Monday! We went to lunch at a restaurant called "Saladworks". It is a restaurant that is unusual for Pennsylvania. Growing up in California, there were dozens of restaurants that had mainly salads or at least big salad bars. Here it is very different, a big salad bar is mostly non-existent. It was good, and reasonably priced.

We went to Lititz, which is a charming little town. The only problem was is that it started to rain! We still managed to poke through several stores, but it was not so much fun to walk down the mainstreet with an umbrella - up for a few minutes, close, enter store with wet, drippy umbrella.....

The girls wanted to do some real Christmas shopping, as did my mom, so they started talking Target, and one of my girls mentioned checking out Goodwill for some bargain coat shopping. I remembered a Goodwill store that seemed to get alot of name brands so off we went. Emily found a great pair of brand new brown boots for $1.50! Lindsay found a backpack that will replace her worn out outdoor use backpack. They were both very pleased! I found a book that I have read but want my girls to read "Boy Meets Girl", by Joshua Harris. It cost me a whopping $1.97!

Then on to Target. Grandma got several Christmas gifts for the little ones - who were at home with Grandpa. I found cute "Lightning McQueen" socks, and " 'Mater" socks for Kyle in the dollar section. I also found adorable tights for Sarah and Rachel. With the weather we have been having, they need them!

We ended the shopping with stopping by the outlet mall and going to the Liz Claiborne store. My friend found a great purse there for $14.99! So I had to check it out! Guess what? I too found a great red purse for the same price! I am so pleased! I will post a photo on Friday in my Feminine Friday post!

In other news....

Rachel and Kyle have given me their colds...Kyle seemed to be getting better until last night. I really wanted to go paint at my mom's but I think we may need to lay low today.

Speaking of painting, yesterday I put a second coat on the ceiling and then taped off the walls. Tim arrived and helped me cut in the primer and then I rolled two coats of the primer on the walls. Now all I need to do is put the "Cut Ruby" on the wall. If I don't do it today, I will need to wait until Saturday.

Decisions, decisions....I will give my husband a call and see what he suggests. It's
another cold and windy day - stay warm - drink something hot - read a good book - knit. I think you can tell which way I am leaning.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I love Christmas shopping too.

    I am sorry you are getting sick! I hope you start feeling better soon! No one wants a sick Mommy.

  2. I hope you chose to stay in and relax. Co-op is coming tomorrow and you'll have enough to do. Your Mother will understand...I know she will.

    Becky K.

  3. I am preparing to head to my mom's as I speak. I am going to put the kids into Grandma's big bed with some movies, I am going to begin to paint. Tim wants to come after work to help me, so he wanted me to do it today rather than Saturday, when he has to work.

    So, I am so thankful for his help and I will be heading out soon!

  4. It was a great day with my girles, even with the rain. I am glad we didn't put it off until another day. Thanks for all the fun girls. I love you all.

  5. Get better soon Auntie Dee!! Glad you found some good deals. I have heard of that book, but have never read it. Have fun painting, I am sure your parents will love it!

  6. I'm all over the new rain boots for the kiddos at Target for Christmas.

  7. I love Lititz! Did you try the chocolate cafe???


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