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Monday, October 20, 2008

Tea Tonight!

Tonight is my annual Tea for the dear moms in our homeschool co-op. I love to have them come to my house - the girls and I do our best to get it looking it's best. I want to bless them - to have them come and feel pampered. Many are not used to it, nor are they used to using tea cups, cloth napkins, glass and china plates...but they enjoy it.

I wonder if they will use one of these cups...

Will they take milk or sugar?
These lovely cups are just waiting for the blessing of being of service...
I pray that our evening will be a blessing and that our conversation will be sweet and glorifying to God.

Now I need to run, there is schoolwork, dusting and a trip to the grocery store to accomplish before this evening!


  1. I always enjoy this tea. Can't wait to see the pumpkins with your address numbers in them. So lovely an idea. I remember commenting on that last year.

    Becky K.

  2. I remember commenting on that last year too Becky! a year already?!! The pumpkin address idea is so cute! Hope you had fun tonight!

  3. How did your tea go? I love tea parties, even as an adult. In January, I put on a tea for our Mommies group, in Crescent City. I loved it and I think it really does bless the mamma's who are not pampered :)

  4. These are beautiful pictures and can I say that I am a bit envious of the friends that you invited sounds like a most wonderful time to me...and so so GIRLIE...what could be better.


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