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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard Update - New Info!

Tim made it home safely! The girls shoveled the driveway when they knew he was on the way home - it had a foot of snow or more on it since the early morning hours when Tim shoveled it so he could go to work!

We had homemade pizza for dinner - it was so good. To see more of what the girls have been up to check out Emily's blog - A Fresh Perspective. Becky, Chelsea is just fine - really!

Snow, Snow and more snow...nearly two feet today!

The girls were out early in the day working on their igloo...When the wind picked up they came in!

This is the snow on the deck -some of it is from the weekend but there were two paths on the deck - one to the rail and one to the deck stairs, both got filled up!

Soon my picket fence and lamppost will disappear!

The mailbox and stop sign are being buried as well - though much of it is from the plowing!

Right now the township who are great with our roads, haven't been by to plow in hours! The girls who are out shoveling the driveway say they don't know how Tim will get down our road....he may need to park up at the top of the road and walk down, in about a foot of snow on the road!

I will give you an update later this evening!


  1. That is a LOT of snow! Stay warm!

  2. I'm so enjoying seeing your photos. I especially liked the one of the deck. I hope you don't lose power.

  3. I'm enjoying your photos too! That is a LOT of snow! My goodness!

  4. WOW so much snow!! Beautiful, but FREEZING and lots of work it sounds like!

  5. I'm glad Tim made it home safely. Your blizzard is hard for me to even imagine. Where in So. Cal. did you grow up?

  6. I was wondering how Tim did. So glad he got home safely.

    Warren is getting around to go to work today but so far our road is drifted totally shut.

    I imagine someone will plow it soon.

    Becky K.

  7. Stay in and stay warm! Our snow is now melting. Partly cloudy skies in the forecast and warmer days ahead....I hope!
    Knitting weather!!!!!
    Take care
    Marilyn in NM


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