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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have You Ever Watched...

The Duggar Family's show on TLC? We don't watch much tv and we don't get TLC, but whenever we get a chance to watch it at my parents house, we take it!

Last night Tim and I were on a grocery shopping date, and were looking through the book and dvd's at Target...guess what I found? Season two of the Duggars' show for $12.99! My kids were so excited when I showed it to them last night. The little girls are downstairs watching right now.

They are a sweet family, not perfect, not little Stepford clones of any kind. A real family who loves the Lord and wants to honor Him. They are raising their family to do the same.

Their 19th child was born approximately 3 months early when Michelle developed pre-enclampsia and they needed to deliver the baby at 25 weeks. Baby Josie is doing well from all reports, keeping breast milk down and has doubled her weight. Usually preemie's go home around the time of their original due date, Josie's due date was mid March, so she should be able to go home soon!

I would love to know them in real life. Until that happens we will just watch their dvds and be happy to see on tv something our family can relate to not be afraid of what the content will be!


  1. We watch the wholesomeness of this perfect but sure do love the Lord..

  2. Has Brittany told you that her husband used to work at some place in AK and where the Druggers would come in? You'll have to ask her about it!

  3. I just saw Melissa's comment! So perfect! My husband did work in their town, in the family center where they'd go and play sports and ice skate, etc. He said they were a really nice and Godly family. His sister still lives there, and she says she sees members from the Duggar family from time to time, and always enjoys their presence. We no longer get TLC, either, but I've watched them before, and I truly enjoy their family. While I agree they aren't perfect, it's nice to see morals and values on TV for once.

  4. Brittany

    That is cool -

    I LOVE that they don't try to show themselves as perfect because none of us are! I think they are a wonderful example of a family walking with the Lord!

    So glad that they are just as they are on tv!

  5. I've only seen their show a few times, but we loved it. I'm going to keep my eyes open for this series.

  6. I just love the Duggars! They are a great testimony of godly character in our society!
    Michelle is one of my role models!
    ~ Heather from Bizy Janes

  7. Me too, I love the Duggars but there are so many others who just don't get their life style. They are a living testimony!


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