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Monday, February 15, 2010


Do you wear hats?

I used to, especially for church. No, I didn't grow up in a formal church, hey, I grew up in So. Cal after all! I wore them because I loved them. My interest in hats started when I became interested in the British Royal Family. My great-great grandmother had been a seamstress for the ladies in waiting at Buckingham Palace before she came to the United States, so that made me interested. Also what girl doesn't wish to be a princess at some point in her life? Then about the time I graduated from high school Lady Diana Spencer came on the scene. She was a 19 year old preschool teacher and I was an 18 year old preschool teacher! She was young and had her own style. I liked how she dressed. She took the royal hat a new direction.

I started to collect hats to wear. I had a cute red hat that I wore with my red dress with white polka dots, and cute red flats with bows! Come on, it was the 1980's! I had a royal blue hat, black felt, white straw, regular straw, grey wool felt. Now my little girls play with them.

Aren't these hats cute? They remind me of a hat that my blogging friend Tracy crocheted for herself! Check it out here.

I got away from hats, when I realized that most people thought it was weird, or that I was some sort of stuck up person. I went years without wearing a hat.

I have more recently begun to wear hats again. I received the Jane Eyre hat from the Victorian Trading Company, for my birthday. I love it. There are a few more I have my eye on as well from their catalogue. I also need to find a nice straw hat for summer.

I find that most women are more comfortable in baseball caps or a visor, than a regular hat. I wonder why? For me when I wear a hat, it makes me feel feminine. I like being a woman, and how I dress affects that for me. When we had our annual tea at church this past fall, one of our ladies, brought her hat collection so everyone could wear one. The ladies loved it and they looked great! Even my Mom who thinks she can’t wear hats, found the right kind for her face shape! It was so fun!

Have you also noticed how many women dress exactly like their husband or boyfriend? I so often see women who have on the same pants, shoes, sports team shirt or rock band tee, similar hair and piercings. Why do you think this is?

Woman are special and unique from men – equal in worth – but different. I mean would we women want our guys to start wearing skirts or dresses? Unless it is a Scottish kilt, of course!

Sorry to get off track there a bit but as the Pennsylvania Dutch saying goes “It wonders me.”

I like hats for many reasons. They are cute, they are great for bad hair days ( who would know?), they look nice, they are fun to wear – my daughter’s friend has a lot of cute ones and she looks great in them! Hats are not just for old ladies or Red Hat clubs!


  1. You look great in hats.

    I do not...

    If they make you feel happy you should definitely wear them.
    It is just a part of who you are...and your friends and family love you. Hat or no hat.

    I know what you mean about how our society has turned away from femininity so often. It is sad...

    I just need to take more be and feel ladylike.

    Becky K.

  2. Hi there. I love your hats. I don't wear hats , I cover my head and always wear veils. But yours are really pretty.
    Love the blog.Still reading through posts.
    If you'd like please send me your email so I can add you to those who view my site (it had to be protected) I 'd love to have you visit. God Bless

  3. I wear a hat when I'm working in the garden, but that's about it. My oldest daughter loves hat's though.

  4. Headbands are my limit!

  5. I wear a hat or pretty scarf to church, too. I'm working on wearing them more often. I find that I get compliments when I do.

    Thanks for the mention, too!

  6. I love hats!! I do not wear them as often as I use to, but love them just the same. I recently knit a very pretty hat with matching scarf and waiting for the perfect moment to slip it on.:o)

    I think my favorites are those beautiful bonnets with flowers, so feminine and sweet. The beauty of a lovely hat will always capture my heart. Enjoy a lovely week.



  7. I remember your royal family display at the festival of the arts. I forget what I showed off.. something like girl scout patches. but your display was cool. and I remember you wearing hats. I never thought you as weird for wearing them or them as weird or whatever. :)

  8. I love hats as well. ( Maybe it is because of the age we were in the 80's?!)
    Although my dd's love hats as well - so maybe heredity is involved also. (my oldest wrote this article about hats for a friends blog recently)


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