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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Around The Cottage

We have been experiencing problems with either my laptop or the wireless modem.  So I haven't been posting as much, but I have been trying to keep up with all your blogs.  I am so thankful for blogging friends.
I am thankful for each day and it seems as if I hit the floor running most days!  There is a tired contentment at the end of the day, when I hit my pillow.  Somedays I couldn't even tell you what got accomplished, but the joy of serving the Lord and my family brings the contentment.

The summer weather has come, and with it afternoon thunderstorms.  Yesterday was a doozy - a storm with rotation in it passed our way, we had hail here, but apparently no tornado ever touched down.  It was interesting to hear the siren for the tornado, first time that has happened.

The rain that accompanied this storm was needed.  We are behind on rainfall for June, and the gardens needed it badly.

I have been busy with paperwork for our co-op, membership applications, etc...I sometimes have to remind myself over and over of all I need to do.  I use my calendar more than ever now!

It is still hard to believe that I am a grandma...she is a precious girl and is doing well.  We have long been advocates for multigenerational vision, and the birth of this precious child brings now a fourth generation to us.  How we pray that she will grow to be a faithful follower of Jesus, and that her momma and daddy will too.

Our vegetable garden is growing well.  The lasagna style format for our raised beds has been great - very few weeds!  The squash gets bigger daily!

Our bush beans, tomatoes, nasturtiums, and purple podded pole beans are growing so well.  The carrots and peppers are growing but not as well...we are learning a lot about growing our own food.  We even have potatoes growing.

This is flat leafed or Italian parsley...we use it in our homemade ranch dressing and in salads...

Here is a fun project I completed recently.  It reminds me of the fun things that Manuela does in her garden.  I do not have a fenced in yard, but when I found this plate rack at a yard sale, I immediately thought of doing something with it outdoors. 

I put it right by my kitchen door - which is, of course, where everyone enters our home.  My husband thought maybe I was losing it a bit, :) but Becky loved it! I really like it - this is a big, wide, empty expanse on the side of the house...I am just having fun with it - the siding is not in great shape, and eventually when my parents add on in law space, this door will actually go into the laundry room and the wall where the plate rack is will be a garage, so I can't really ruin anything!  I say have fun with your home and make the outside a welcoming place!

Well, I must go...a few phone calls to make, a few errands to run, and it's looking like an afternoon for swimming, before an evening meeting.

Have a lovely day! 


  1. I do love it there. It is just so you. And that is what is so important...reflecting the things you love in your home.

    Enjoy the pool...I am staying cool inside except when I run out to hang more wash.

    Chelsea is about to make her Daddy's birthday cake.

  2. I love the plate rack, too! Very cute!

    I've been missing your posts. Hope the problem is easily resolved.

    We've got severe storm predictions today. We've been behind on rain, too, so that is welcome. Strong winds and hail, not so much.

  3. Good luck with your computer-
    I know firsthand how frustrating that can be.

    Enjoyed visiting,



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