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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy Days

These are busy days here at Creekside Cottage.  Lindsay and I have made 11 pints of  Strawberry Jam.  It is the best we have ever made!  We used a new kind of pectin this year, Pomona's Universal Pectin.  It uses calcium to activate instead of sugar so you can use less sugar in your jams, as well as, honey, agave, etc.

I now know why my jam last year was good but not firm.  I used less sugar, and the pectin I used couldn't set up.  I love learning new things about the Home Arts.  Lindsay and I have a system going and are planning to do more!  We are thinking of using some of our mulberries too.

Last Saturday we went to a few yard sales and found some treasure.  This white ceramic jar is one of them!  It has a basket weave pattern that looks really nice.  We also got a "new" grill for $20, lots of punch cups for Becky (she is making candles for wedding reception decor), an old fashioned flour sifter, and the best treasure 4 blue and white Spode tea cups!  I am going to wait to show those on Monday and hook up with Smiling Sally's Blue Monday Posts.

I am running to get the new lenses put into my sunglasses now, so I can't tell you about the NCFIC conference we went to on Tuesday.  I will soon, I promise!


  1. I love your new jar- great find! I'm going to look for the pectin that you've mentioned. Did you find it locally, or did you have to order on-line? I haven't seen it anywhere here.

  2. I Love making jam, and your looks delicious. I like the idea of less sugar. Thanks for sharing this info.
    You found some great finds too.

  3. This was my first time making jam. I enjoyed it, but I did use the sugar. I followed the West Ladies' jam recipe and directions.

    Love the new jar. Can't wait to see the new teacups!

  4. Tracy, I did get it locally, but I googled it for the photo and found it online!

    You'll like it!

  5. I saw your comment on Tracy's blog the other day and was intrigued by the Pomona pectin you mentioned. Thanks for the reminder so I can try to find it. I'm hoping the bulk store in Shipshewana might carry it.

    You found some great stuff when you went yard sale-ing! Very exciting!


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