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Friday, June 18, 2010

Prayer Requested

Our granddaughter, Kamryn is still in the NICU.  She has been there since she was born, as they were concerned about infection.  She has NO infection which is great, but she is unable to maintain a proper body temperature when she is in an open bed.  Therefore she has to stay until she can maintain her body temperature.  Please pray for this to happen.


My other request is for my sister in law Esther.  She was just diagnosed with ovarian cancerThey haven't staged it yet, but the surgeon feels it is contained.  She had a complete hysterectomy on Thursday. 

The whole family has such peace - the kind only the Lord can give.  Esther told me the night before her surgery that the Lord had impressed on she and her husband Richard not to pray that there would be no cancer, but that they would trust the Lord in what He had for them in it.

Esther is not going to do chemo or radiation, she prefers to do a natural protocol now after surgery.

Thank you dear friends for your prayers.  We are resting in the Lord for all of it.  He is so good, He is sovereign, we trust in Him.


  1. Praying for these two requests to become testimonies of His great wonder-working power. And for lives to be touched for eternity. We are the Grace-people. God knows each need. He will provide.


    *my word verification is "extraoil" and I pray for extra anointing over YOU!!!

  2. Hi Aunt Deanna, i didn't think i'd ever read your blog from a hospital room but here i am. Mom's looking better today.

    Sorry to hear Kamryn is still in the NICU. That is such a sweet picture of Nate and his daughter.

  3. She's such a precious little thing! I'll pray that she is able to maintain her body temperature and also for your SIL.


  4. We are indeed praying. Such a tiny little baby. She is so precious.

    And what a testimony of faith that Esther and her husband have put their trust in the Lord for whatever He has in store for them.

  5. Praying for your family on both fronts!

    Your grand baby is darlin! She has the sweetest expression on her dear face. Please keep us posted.

    Grandparenting is just the best!


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