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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I got to hold Kamryn for quite a while today and I got to feed her.  In this photo we were having a conversation about how sweet she is.

She doesn't like it when the flash goes off - 

She has a heplock in the back of her left hand so that she can get antibiotics.  If she can keep her body temperature up, she can go home with Momma tomorrow.

I love her dearly already....


  1. Very cute!! She is sweet!!!

  2. She is a treasure. I am so very happy for you. My sister will get to meet her first grandchild...a little boy...when her daughter delivers him in August. I could really type this in allcaps because of how excited we all are. May God bless Kamryn and give her the happiest home of all...

  3. Oh that looks so natural for you.
    But the Grandma part will be all new as you'll have to let go sometimes....

    I do hope she gets to get on home tomorrow.

    What a darling!


  4. I can't imagine how wonderful it felt to hold your new little granddaughter in your arms!

    I pray she gets to go home, and that she continues to thrive.

  5. Welcome to the family sweet Kamryn!

  6. What a darling baby! congrats again.


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