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Monday, June 7, 2010

Blue Monday

Last weekend we went to a few yard sales.  We don't do this very often, but we were looking for a few specific items.

I was not expecting to come upon four Spode Blue Room tea cups and saucers.

When I tell you that the lady charged me only $2.00 for all four, you won't hate me will you?

They are so beautiful.  We have already used them several times.  I believe beautiful things should be used and enjoyed, not put aside to save for some special occasion.

I am join Smiling Sally and all the lovely ladies over at Blue Monday!  Go have a look!

ps - photo credit: Emily Rabe


  1. OH, I do love them. That first picture is my favorite.

    Missed you and Rachel yesterday.

  2. I agree: use them! Happy Blue Monday.

  3. what a great find Deanna! I pull my sweet finds out for tea parties with teh grandaughters, ladies luncheons etc. that's my excuse for collecting LOL

  4. Oh my this makes my heart skip, I love them!! Happy Monday!

    Blue Jar

  5. Well, I don't hate you, but I am jealous. I would have grabbed all 4. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I like the cups. I like the blue. It reminds me of Williamsburg.

  7. What a done good girl...and you are right..use is short..

  8. Yay! for good deals! They are beautiful!

  9. Beautiful teacups! I miss you! It feels like I haven't seen you in a long time. I look forward to seeing you either tomorrow or Sunday.

  10. I love blue and white combos and these teacups are fabulous!! What an excellent deal for so little :o)

  11. Goodness, what a fabulous deal you got on those teacups! I have Spode plates and just love them. Those cups are so pretty!



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