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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kyle Gets Glasses

Okay, all the other kids inherited Tim's great eyesight.  This one, is all mine! 

He is so cute in his glasses.  He has inherited my astigmatism.  

He is looking more and more like his daddy everyday.  I love them both.

ps. Daddy's eyewear is for reading purposes only.  It still annoys him.


sherry said...

Adorable little man. :oD
Handsome big man too, but I mean that in a sister-in-the-Lord kind of way.

So thankful that wearing spectacles is no longer an unpopular thing - now
it's actually fashionable
with sooo many styles to choose
from! When I was a tike there
were 2 frames in my choice
world: white cat glasses or light blue cat glasses. My mother
chose the blue. I wanted
white. I'm still in therapy. ;o)


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Hee, hee!

I didn't wear them as a kid. I had headaches in high school, but the prescription was for readers. They gave me a worse headache so I never wore them.

It wasn't until after Nate was born that I realized I didn't see as well as Tim and went to the 'eyeball wizard' as my dad likes to say!

I love my glasses - easy on, easy problems!

Hope that therapy will eventually work for ya!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Kyle is unbelievably adorable in those glasses!!


Becky K. said...

I am so happy to see Kyle doing so well with his new glasses. I didn't get mine until third grade when I told my Mom I just couldn't see very well. She thought I was saying that because one of the boys in church had just gotten glasses but being a good Mom took me to the eye doctor anyway. She was so glad she did!

Becky K.

Phyllis said...

I hadn't seem them together. They look like twins. So funny but so precious. Every time I see Kyle I smile and just have to hug him. He is so CUTE.

Alicia @ said...

He looks so adorable!! Something about little kids and glasses makes me smile. When a preschooler has to get glasses, I just think its so cute!!

Tracy said...

Very handsome young man!

Simple Home said...

Oh, he looks so cute. I have two that wear glasses. Well, one wears contacts now. They have their daddy's eyes. Mine are like your hubby's, I really need my reading glasses now :-)

~~Deby said...

he looks nephew Nehemiah who turns 4 just got glasses this week....I am wear them...most in my family does too...
hey at least we can see...right?

Melissa G said...

Must be the year for new glasses! I got my first pair this year too!

Kyle looks great in his glasss and i love the look on his face in that last photo! He's funny!

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