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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Thoughtful Gift

It is fun when you get to meet someone who you previously have only known through blogging.  This happened this past July when we got to meet Karen and family from Blue Barn Bulletin.

Yesterday I unexpectedly received a box.  The kids were so excited to see what it might be.  I saw the return address - "It's from Karen!"  She had mentioned to me that she had some books she thought I would enjoy, and that she would send them to me, but I had completely forgotten!

She sent me four books by Debra White Smith called the "The Jane Austen Series."  They are modern re-tellings of some of Jane's most beloved works.  I started the first one almost right away.

I am enjoying "First Impressions",  and stayed up too late reading last night. 

I had been looking for some light reading, and yesterday in the midst of my crazy and stressful life, a sweet and kind gift was dropped into my life!

Thanks Karen!


  1. How nice for you!!! I love to read, and tis getting to be the season for readin for me!

  2. You are very welcome!

    I don't remember how long the PO said it would take to reach you but I'm surprised you have them already. I intended to email and let you know they were on the way but quickly forgot that plan. ;-)

    You'll have to let me know how you like them-it's been so long since I read any Austin books that I can't remember how close her stories follow Austin's. But they are a quick, fun read anyhow.

  3. That was a thoughtful gift!

    I hadn't heard of that series and looked it up on Amazon. Looks good!


  4. I read this first one. Haven't read the rest!! How fun to get "books!"

  5. what a neat surprise..and jane Austen...woohoo !!! enjoy


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