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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Children And Childhood

 We are having a torrent of rain today, from Tropical Storm Nicole.

It has produced crazy road conditions, yet hours of fun for my children...they have enjoyed playing in the creek and running around getting soaking wet! 

It would be easy to try to manage my household, and keep it clean, by not allowing the children to get wet and muddy, but then they would lose priceless memories and fun, just because the house will get dirty.  Houses can be cleaned!

I want my children to have wonderful memories of their growing up yearsIt is not all play for my kids, they all work hard around here doing their schoolwork and helping with the garden and animals.  They also must clean up their rooms, do dishes, know the stuff of life.

That is why it is such a delight to us to watch them at play.  They really enjoy it.  One minute they are riding bikes, the next minute they are playing Little House on The Prairie.  They don't watch much television, we read a lot and they have good imaginations.  They also like to listen to Jonathan Park, and the many wonderful Radio Theater programs.

Childhood is a time when our children are learning about real life.  It is a time for them to participate in the family, to learn how to give to others, to help others.  It is a time when they can get a vision for ministry by participating with their families in ministry.  Such as hospitality, doing yard work for someone, cleaning houses for someone in need.

This I think is a beautiful way to grow up and gives children a delightful childhood.


  1. It sounds like your children get plenty of opportunity to play, which is a creative time.

  2. AMEN!! We love to make messes over here! Its a wonderful way to learn. Who cares about a dirty house or extra clothes to wash, its a sweet part of life! Love this post.

  3. It sounds like you balance things well to me...and let your kids, be kids....
    Hope the rain has eased up...I have seen some horrible damage on the news of your neck of the woods...


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