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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad is 72 today.

He is a favorite around here.  He is the resident supervisor for any job being done - he is an encourager - he is a league bowler - he is the one with whom the kids like to watch "Myth Busters."

He is a man who is proud of his family and knows that it is God's grace that has brought us where we all are. 

Happy Birthday Dad.  

We love you.


  1. I miss our times at the bowling alley.

    Happy Birthday, Bob!!

  2. Your celebrations continue! I can "hear" your admiration and thankfulness for your father here...

  3. I hope your dad has a wonderful birthday. I really like the part about God's grace. He sounds like a very smart man.

  4. Your so Blessed to have your Dad! I lost mine 5 years ago. Treasure this day!!!!!!

  5. By Birthday wish is indeed not late, today is indeed the 5th! Happy Birthday to your dear Father!




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