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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Birthdays

 There are four May birthdays in our immediate family.  Mom and Dad, and Nate and Rachel are all May babies!  Don't get me started on the cousins who have birthdays or the inlaws with anniversaries...this is one busy month.  Add in Mother's Day, our annual homeschool convention and this year a week of vacation in Florida?  We knew we needed to have our dinner out for the birthdays as soon as possible!

 This little Miss is happy to celebrate her Daddy's birthday.

 My little man was thrilled when his older brother helped him to get a football out of the machine!

 I don't know what was so fascinating on wall - the tv was behind them!  They just were snuggled up there for a while and I thought it was sweet.  Em was tired and her toe hurt - she cut it yesterday while playing frisbee.

 My Dad will be 72 years old tomorrow.  He and my mom were celebrating the news that my niece Jill is going to be a Momma!  Jill and her husband Rodney are going to have a baby in December!  My parents are bursting buttons at the coming of their 4th great-grandchild!

Here are the birthday boys and girls!


  1. Fuddruckers! I'd know that red and white checkered table cloth anywhere.....

    Those great-grandbabies will likely keep coming along. Your parents are going to be in their glory!! They are such a blessing!!!!

    Great photos.
    Sorry about Emma's toe. :-(


  2. What a fun time! We have several May birthdays here, too. It's such a beautiful month, and my May baby was the happiest pregnancy and birth of all of them! :)

  3. I love family celebrations! I enjoyed the pics.

  4. Our sept. is filled with b-days I can relate. A new Baby!!! Congrats.

  5. Happy Birthday to everyone! Did your parents move back there after you did, or did you go where they were? I don't remember, but I do know they were once out here :-)


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