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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last Gaming Show

These photos are from July...

Today will be much colder, and breezy.  Brrr. 

Lindsay and Rachel are very excited.  It will be just us girls today, as Tim and Kyle are off to a Father/Son event and my Dad is at his church's Men's Retreat.

What's on your schedule for today?


  1. a party!

    Have a fun day, gals. I know that you will have something fun planned.

  2. Have a wonderful day!! We will be working around the farm, the hubby has some schoolwork to do, and I am going to do some prep work for the holidays. I love taking my time to enjoy this time of year, so I like to start early!

  3. I am probably in the minority, but I would much rather go to an outdoor event in November than in July! (I am a heat-and-humidity wimp.)

    Have a fun girlie day! :-)


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