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Monday, November 7, 2011

Time To Get Back To Reality

We had a great weekend, arriving home on Saturday, and  had church yesterday.  We had fellowship meal, a presentation by two of our ladies who went on a missions trip to Guatemala.  All the children loved seeing the photos of the Guatemala children playing with the cars that the kids in our church donated to them!  After that some went hiking, and some went to watch the guys launch rockets.  I took Kyle and Kamryn to rockets - it was chilly, and fun.  Kyle loves to run to help retrieve the rockets.  Kamryn doesn't like the noise so she snuggled into me for the duration of the launches.  It was horrible.  Really.  If you believe that...

Today, it is back to reality.  I have groceries to buy, school work to do with the kids, laundry, dishes....before you feel sorry for me, let me tell you that I have many hands to help around here.

Did I mention that the dogs need baths?  Yeah, they do.  Living room smells like dog - not a smell Tim and I enjoy.  So the girls will bathe dogs today and wash their dog bed covers. And if the weather is mild, doors and windows will be opened to let the fresh air in.

Florida was nice, we were there during one of the nicest times in the year.  But I love home.

So now you know what I am up to today, tell me what you are doing today.  Won't that be fun?


  1. Many of the same things that you'll be doing minus putting up a post. It's definitely come to a blogging without obligation kind of day. Hope that reality is good to you!

  2. Yes, that's the hardest part about vacation, it ends! LOL Just kidding, I am always glad to get home after a vacation because I LOVE being at home, but I sure don't enjoy all the laundry and such that comes with being away for awhile.

  3. I always feel behind after I get home from a long trip!

    I have Bible study in my home tonight so after I finish schooling the kids, I'll be cleaning house and baking treats.

  4. Looks and sounds like you had a nice time away with family. Hope it was a refreshing time for you as well!


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