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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Lovely Day

We had a lovely day.  
Tim and I took Lindsay to work then went to breakfast.  He has to work two 12 hour days this weekend, so we squeezed in some time together.
After he left for work - our farrier, arrived with his sons to file and clip the horses hooves.  We chatted about some issues Cheyenne is having with a crack on her hoof.  It is a relief to know that he feels it is not serious, and should grow out.
Then the youngest kids, Kay and Kamryn and I ran errands, fun ones.  We went to JoAnn's and got some things for Christmas gifts we are making.
Then off to an Amish hardware store to pick up a gift for Tim and my Dad that Kyle and Sarah have been saving their own money to buy.  They are so excited!
Home again, finally to do a bit of sewing, knitting, advising, guiding etc...
I am thankful.


  1. Any day that begins with breakfast out with one's husband is a very good day. Sounds as if it was all good from there. (Just the thought of shopping in an Amish hardware store sounds like fun!)

  2. I'm hoping for a "reveal" of that gift one of these days....


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