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Saturday, November 19, 2011

They Are Heading Home
The Lord brought this beautiful family into our lives this year when they began to attend our church.  They have 10 children ages 17 to 1.  They have just added this beautiful 9 and a half year old daughter, Katerina Hope Musser.

If you haven't heard of their journey, I hope you will take sometime to read at their blog The Blessing Of Verity and see what our redeeming God has been up to!

Praying today for their journey home, which will mean landing at the airport and heading straight to the Children's Hospital.  They are waiting for this wee girl.


  1. So amazing to read how God worked yet again this week in the lives of Katerina ....and the other children who wait for families.

    He surely does value these lives, thought so disposable by so many.


  2. They look so happy! Still praying.

  3. thank you for letting us know,
    deanna. praying for their
    travels, for settling in at
    home, for comfy and wonderful
    surroundings. what a blessing.

  4. Praying for safe travel and for GOD to guide the doctors hands and hearts.



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