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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Day In My Life

The last two days Tim's eldest sister and her husband were visiting with us.  They were on their way from Florida to New York to spend Thanksgiving with his mom and my brother in law is going to be hunting.

We really only had one full day with them, so Tim and I took them to breakfast at our favorite local place and spent two hours talking.  Then we had to hustle home so they could get ready to go to Sight and Sound to see Jonah!  I let them follow me on the back roads and got them their with time to spare.

Then I came home and did science and history with the kids.  They had already handled their math and english, so with a bit of art they were good for the day.

When they inlaws returned from the show, we dropped Kay off at work and then headed into the shoppe.  They really wanted to see our little darling store.  My sister in law found a nice purse and we gave her a scarf and earrings!  

Then we flew home to make tacos for dinner.  Ate and young folk began to arrive for a game night, and my sister in law and I headed out to visit with our nieces.  

We had such a good time with them.  They are wonderful young women.  They will be flying to Florida to visit with Grammy and the family for 4 days just before Christmas and then we get to have them on Christmas day!  Oh, and their sister Jen, who is a missionary in Senegal, West Africa will be home for three weeks then too!

Esther and I crawled home tired but stayed up abit longer talking natural remedies and recipes.  I made her our lip balm.  She loves it.

Have I shared it with you?

1TBSP Beeswax
1 TBSP coconut oil
1TBSP grapeseed oil
your favorite essential oil - 5-8 drops

I use peppermint and in last nights batch I used 5 drops.  All you do is melt the first three ingredients together and add the oil.  Pour into whatever container you are going to use and it will harden as it cools!

Finally got the littles tucked in to bed and then collapsed myself.  I slept well but am looking forward to being back into my own bed tonight.  With the two inch memory foam topper that is so heavenly to sleep on!

Tim has this weekend off and with nice weather ahead he will get the trailer finished!  Glory hallelujah!

So there you have it.  A day in my crazy life.  I love it.


  1. It sounds like you packed a lot of fun and productivity and togetherness into that couple of days! I know you enjoyed some memory-making moments!

  2. It has got to be wonderful to see family from away and spend such delightful time with them.

    I like the sounds of your recipe there...could I leave out the essential oil?

  3. Hi Deanna,
    One of the many great gifts from Our heavenly Father, is family, enjoyed reading of time spent with your family. It seems when family live so far away that time really flies. This lip balm recipe sounds wonderful. My dh is always saying, "a busy person is a happy person", so you must be very happy. ~grin~ You sure do have a busy schedule and seem to enjoy it so much.
    So nice to be visiting with you again.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. I hope you have had the same nice weather we have had.

    I just know winter is around the corner but we are taking advantage of the 50 degree days to get a little more done outside, too.

  5. Thanks for the recipe! SOunds like a packed filled day, but so fun too. Collapsing into bed...ahhhhh

  6. There's nothing as wonderful as spending time with family. Sounds busy but fun!

  7. ohhh, I'm looking forward to seeing mom's goodies from the shoppe! And maybe she'll let me try the lip balm.

    I didn't know Jen was going to be back!

    Did you hear Dad got a deer up at Grandmas? It was an 8 point buck.

    Love you all!


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