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Saturday, November 10, 2012

In The Shoppe Today

So Lindsay can compete in her last horse show of the year.  She, Rachel and one of Lindsay's riding students, Abigail are competing today.  

This is always a fun show, and we all enjoy it.  Having the store means sacrifice and today that means I am here in the shoppe.  

I'll try to get photos of the Christmas decor, there is a bit more that I would like to do still, but we will see.

There are 12 days until Thanksgiving and 13 days until Black Friday.  I have never shopped Black Friday before always taking that day to put up our tree and our decor at home.  This year I will be working it with my daughter!  

Our store is very small so there is limited room for the things I'd like to do, such as have hot cider and muffins available.  To make things more festive and celebratory.  

I am looking in to changing how we display earrings.  It would free up so much room! 

I really need to make a trip to the Big City, but I am not sure how crazy it might be right now with all the disaster left by Hurricane Sandy.  I can order most things online, but there are just some things I like to go get in person.  

Everything we buy is hand selected...if we order something that we have never handled before, and it turns out to not be great, we will not sell it!  

That attention to detail and careful selection of our products makes our store special and unique.

I just heard from Lindsay and she said that the place doing the horse gaming show, didn't let her know that they decided to just do a regular show which is mostly English riding and jumps.   That is too bad and so strange that they wouldn't have emailed her as she emailed them twice about the show and they responded.  You would think they would have thought to email her or put a notice on their website.  She just checked the site last night to see if there was anything she needed to be aware of.

She is disappointed, and I know Rachel will be too.  Last year they had two gaming shows at this place, but this year only one was planned so they have had to wait all year!  Oh, and this is their favorite show!

I'm sad for them.

Ahhh, life.  So many challenges.  I have a few going on, too, like the webstore for our shoppe....but I am not going there!

I will trust the Lord in all things, be thankful, and put a smile on my face!

So what are you all up to today?


Cheryl said...

Challenges. The trouble with challenges is that they are so...well...challenging! No very profound. But true. It is challenging to trust and be thankful and smile when things are kaflooey. Good for you for doing just that.

Today, I am (s-l-o-w-l-y) catching up on some household chores. The next few weeks promise to be quite busy, so I am being purposefully slow today. (Not to mention that our all day mother-daughter Christmas shopping trip yesterday demanded that today be a bit more restful!)

Vee said...

Ahhh, "challenging" is one of my favorite euphemisms for "life stinks sometimes." Lovely bracelets you're showing off today. Sorry to hear about the challenge that is the website.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about the is always sad when no one bothers to clue others in on what is going on.

The new job is a definite challenge, as next week will be the biggest challenge of all. But God is bigger than it all!


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