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Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Giveaway!

We are so pleased to announce the opening of our online store Fab Fashion!

And to celebrate we are offering a big giveaway.
We are giving away 3 items; a handbag, a bracelet and a scarf!


All you need to do is to go to our website and take a look around.  Then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which handbag, bracelet or scarf you'd like to win.

There will be one winner for each item, so three winners!

The winners will be announced Monday, December 3, 2012.

So go ahead and check out our great hand selected products!  I hope you win!



Rebecca said...

Now THAT is a hard task - selecting from a really FINE bunch of accessories! I think I'd like one of the blue purses. I always play it "safe" with basic black and make my handbags last if I was blessed to win, this would be a real treat :) Thank you for the wonderful lgiveaway - and may God bless your efforts this Christmas season.

lijahmom said...

I would love to win the two tone bag for my mom for Christmas! beautiful! Love your shop!

Vee said...

Now that was fun!

Abalone starfish bracelet

Black shallow purse ($42)

Brown scarf

Thanks for tossing my name into the cap. I may be back here this week to do some ordering anyway!

Have a splendid week.

Amy said...

I love the red scarf...

And everything else on the website, too!!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Okay, it is between the purple scarf and the Rachel handbag.

Either would make a great Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law, the one who loves purple!

sue said...

Love the plum scarf, metal works chocolate bracelet and brown handbag!!
Love your little online store and thanks for posting your slow roast method--will try next time!! SUE

Katy said...

I think I would love to win this bag:

Thanks so much for such a fun giveaway Deanna!!!

Allison said...

Well this is to fun not to participate in! :) But how in the world is one supposed to choose? I'm undecided between the silver and black hinge bracelet and the gray scarf. Thanks for adding a splash of fun to my day:)

Susy said...

Your website is lovely ~ very professional looking, easy to navigate, great pictures. Good job!

I'd loooove to have the scarf pretty please (**

Alicia @ said...

It looks nice auntie dee! I Che kefir out when you first opened it! I LOVE the red scarf!!! Thx for this fun post and giveaway!

Linda G. said...

I would like to win the Leopard Scarf. I wouldn't keep it for myself. I would gift it to a friend who likes cats of all kinds.

P.S. I came here from Becky's blog.

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I loved visiting your shop on Saturday! While i was there I absolutely loved the blue bag that is like the one in your picture here. It was quite tempting to take it home too, along with my amazing new earrings and hat.

GrammaGrits said...

Love the blue purse and silver pearl st of necklace and earring - very beautiful things! Love the black and white scarf, too! So much to choose from!

Winslowfamilyofsix said...

Howdy! I LOVE your shop! I would absolutely adore the jet black shapes bracelet! thank you!
Mary Winslow

Buttercup said...

I like so many things, but I'm leaning to either the blue or green starfish bracelets. Thanks!

The Pennington Point said...

Well....I'm a purse girl. So I got stick over the handbags. So pretty! I think I'd choose the mint bag. I hope your online store does great! Lisa~

Debbie said...

OK, first I have to tell you that I totally loved this website and am going to pin it for reference. Wonderful stuff that I can not wait to show my daughters!

As to "favorites" right now, I picked that second blue necklace down (blue on blue five layered one), the first mint purse and the mint scarf.

But really... loving it all. Great taste and great prices!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, so much to choose from! I am here from Hospitality Lane:) I love the RED scarf, the bronze bracelet and the black bag with tan strips... I didn't see a name for it but I LOVE that one:) OH HECK, I love them ALL! I will be shopping with you! Have a blessed day and thanks for the opportunity! HUGS!

Melissa G said...

Fun! I like the Dark Green and the Plum scarves,
The Antique Blue Pearl bracelet,
and the Mint handbags.

I'm going to share about your giveaway on my blog and facebook as well.

Angela said...

I love your site! So many fun things to choose from. I may have to do some Christmas shopping here. :)

Favorites are:
crystal diamonds bracelet
Rachel handbag
blue scarf, or red or plum (I like all 3)

Thank you!

Angela said...

I love your site -- so many fun things to choose from! I bookmarked it for Christmas shopping. :)

Favorites are
crystal diamonds bracelet
rachel handbag
blue scarf, or red or plum (I liked all 3)

Thank you!

Unknown said...

antique blue pearl bracelet, the mint handbag, and the dark green scarf

The Quintessential Magpie said...

First of all, I have to say that this is a wonderful giveaway! I followed the trail over from your niece Melissa's blog, and I love what I saw in your store.

Let's see, I would love to win either the "New Pink" or the Mint pocket book, smaller size. Those colors are GREAT.

And I love the plum colored scarf or the purple one. It's too hard to pick because I loved all the colors!

And I like the starfish bracelet. That was very cute.

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to put my name in the pot. This is so sweet of you!

Best of luck with your store...



Karen said...

Hmmm...what to choose, what to choose...

Julianne would likely adore the fleur de lis bracelet, in the handbags, I like the mint or light olive, and for scarves, I'd choose the dark green, blue or plum for Allison.

Your site is looking good!

Tanja Jojic said...

Wow, it was really hard to pick the favorite ones because they are all so gorgeous :3

Handbag: Pewter.
Bracelet: Colorful cats.
Scarf: Gray.

I wish you good luck with the store :)

Kristin said...

I love it all! ;-) If I really had to choose a favorite, I'd go with the White Circles necklace, but I also like the mint handbag...and the green scarf...


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