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Monday, December 10, 2012

15 Days

Isn't that so amazing?

My kids spend all year looking forward to Christmas, I do too!  It seems as if it will never come, but before you know it, its almost here!

We had a very busy week, last week.  We were in the Big City buying for our store...

   Emily tried to get us all into the shot but couldn't quite do it!  Look at Tim with no jacket!  It was 60 degrees in the city! Last year we were bundled up against the cold in December!  The big problem is that many of these buildings have the heat come on and that's it...we were roasting in many of the stores!  I like working with my girls...and it is always a treat to have my man come along!

We had our tea on Tuesday - still want to show you photos that Lindsay took.

Can you believe we have managed to get school accomplished as well?  We are humming along and nearly to day 95!  So thankful for my kids hard work.

Tonight Tim and I are going with Lindsay and Emily to their work Christmas party.  Dinner out - fun treat!  

This is Tim's last week on third shift - to which we all say a big hallelujah!  It will be nice to have a rotation of normal hours for a while!

 Sadie, this morning.  She is doing well, though missing her Mama.
We have lots of celebrating coming up.  I am working on the church Christmas dinner that is on the 23rd after the morning service.

Then the next day, Christmas Eve, we will celebrate Tim's birthday, and our Christmas Eve traditions of opening stockings and watching The Nativity Story.

Then Christmas.  What a blessed time to remember God's precious gift to us - A Son!  A redeemer!

The next week will find us celebrating Lindsay's 21st birthday with a New Year's Eve Ball! January 2nd is our 25th wedding anniversary.  I don't know what we will do to celebrate that, but it will be wonderful to spend time with my husbandI am so thankful for him.

In the meantime, I am taking the kids to breakfast this morning!

I hope you have a wonderful day, and in these days leading up to Christmas that you take time to Savor the Reason for Season.



Theresa said...

Busy days and blessings:) Hope today is an awesome day, HUGS from Georgia!

Becky K. said...

See you tonight. So glad it is going to be boring for your family this Christmas season...not. Wow...I always forget how much you have going on this time of the year.

Vee said...

That's a cute photo! You have a whole lot going on besides Christmas in your family. What a busy, happy time. Yes, this IS Christmas for us...every day brings a little more to savor. We are delighted with how things are "shaping up." The Father just knows how to delight us when we are expecting good things to happen.

Alicia @ said...

Its getting SO close! It seems to have come so fast this year. Icant wait!


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