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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Sometimes my life is challenging.

I am on the go from morning until night, late night. 

I am a mom of 6, still actively mothering 3, and encouraging and guiding the others who are now adults.  I also have a wee granddaughter who lives with us, and a daughter in law to be.

In older days, my kids went to bed and I had a few hours to pursue my own interests; reading, sewing, knitting.  I struggled when I had to give them up for someone else's needs - after all I deserved my time, right?  I had earned it...after all I home educate my kids - I am pouring into them all the time!

God showed me over time that my rights needed to be set aside and that I needed to have a heart to serve others.

We also own Fab Fashion a women's handbag and accessories store. This keeps me very busy!

Sometimes I feel exhausted and like I don't have anything left to give to anyone!  I wonder if all my work is worth it.  The Lord recently encouraged me with these words at Sally Clarkson's blog -

It is not the grand, noble accomplishments that are the most profoundly valuable to God. It is the unnoticed, the invisible practicing of being faithful, courageous when no one else is looking, that become the jewels of our faith in the eyes of God.

Those words were just what I needed to get my focus back. 

My work in my family - my intentional discipleship, while wearying at times, is valuable to God!  My serving others through hospitality is a Joy, as I allow the Lord to use me to bless others  

That makes my burden easy to bear, as I see that He is helping me to carry that which He has given to me to do. 

 For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints. Hebrews 6:10

 What encouragement this was to me!  I thought maybe it would be encouraging to you too!


  1. Very encouraging! Thanks so much for sharing it. Lisa~

  2. Oh Deanna...that is indeed an encouraging quote! We all need to refocus from time to time. It is so easy to get bogged down with responsibility...and you do have LOTS of that, my friend! I pray that He makes your burden light as you share the yoke with Him.

    I just noticed that the background of your new (very pretty!) blog template says "JOY." May our Lord renew your heart with joy as you are doing such important work for Him!

  3. God speaks to us thru others:) SWEET the way our hearts can be filled with encouragement when we need it the most! HUGS to you and thanks for sharing this post:)

  4. What a beautiful quote and powerful scripture! Your heart matches them -- it is both beautiful and powerful! Beautiful in your love for God, family, church and others. Powerful, in how you DO what you believe! Thanks for sharing this Deanna! For "when you are weak, He is strong" in you and through your life!

  5. Very encouraging words, I have been where you and so many women here in blogland are,and yes "it is worth it all"! As I travel throughout blogland and read of what women are doing for their families, I am blessed over and over, because I know that they are investing so much and that one day, they will get so much more in return! If this blesses me, how much more does it bless God, for I truly believe, being a wife and mother is the highest calling He has ever placed on us as women! You truly have a heart for God and your family , and I always leave blessed and uplifted.


  6. Thankyou for this post from a mum of six who knows what you are saying very well.
    Blessings Nell

  7. You really have a lot on your plate right now! I got tired just from reading.

    I was just thinking about this subject yesterday. A very tiring day for me when I was thinking when is it going to be my turn? So thanks for sharing - it was encouraging and just what I needed.


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