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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Tea!

Our Ladies Christmas Tea last night was wonderful.

I enjoy seeing the excitement on their faces as they arrive.  They love to see the dishes and tea cups all laid out just for them.  They love to see the oil lamps and special touches.
 Our table decor was greens (blue spruce and boxwood), plaid ribbon, kumquats and cranberries.  We used two oil lamps and a beautiful poinsettia for each table.
Simple and yet elegant.  

 I've been collecting tea cups and these glass luncheon plates for years!
 These photos were taken in the late afternoon, after we set up.  We still had to add the napkins, which were red and put the scones on each table along with the lemon curd, mock Devonshire cream, and strawberry jam.

Our pastor Mike dropped in right before we started and he thought it all looked wonderful.  He is always so encouraging and thoughtful about supporting the events the church plans.
Four young men from our church served as waiters last night and they were great!  I gave them a few guidelines and then they figured out their own strategy!  When I thanked them they all said how much they loved doing it and want to serve again!  

We played a white elephant type game with ornaments.  We all brought an ornament and then drew numbers to pick an ornament.  Of course you can take an ornament someone else already chose and it was fun and full of laughter!  This is the ornament I brought.  

We ended the evening singing Christmas Carols.  It was a beautiful evening.  I'm so thankful for this event every year.


  1. It all looks very beautiful!

    I like the ornament you took. What ornament did you come home with?

  2. The table decor is Simply Beautiful. Your program and activities sounded very nice, too...... I, too, am enjoying several Christmas parties/activities. It's a wonderful time of the year, I think....

  3. Ornament white elephant is a great idea. It's so fun planning social events and I can tell you are filled with joy doing it. So glad it went well! Our church does a similar dinner where the men serve as well.

  4. What a pretty tea! I love teacups,and have also been collecting for awhile. The greenery looks so nice with the oil lamps. Congrats on a job well done!

  5. Oh what a lovely evening you planned for the ladies and I know that they all must have loved it. It is sooooo pretty. I've never seen anything prettier. (I can't believe that I just released my glass luncheon plates. I would have released them to you, if I had only known.)

  6. Your tables are gorgeous! I am sure that your ladies felt welcomed and pampered and enjoyed a great time of fellowship and celebration. Great job, Deanna!

  7. It looks wonderful!

    I miss being a part of a women's ministry.

  8. It's neat to see 2 perspectives of this wonderful event. I just popped over from Becky's post! You two are blessed to have such a wonderful church family!

    Smiles from Idaho,

  9. Sounds like a perfect evening. Love the table all decorated up so festive. Have a blessed week. Hugs

  10. Deanna, it sounds really wonderful. I love things like that. I was just thinking as I was driving yesterday that I our church doesn't do anything like this anymore. I think I would like to do something about that, too. Hmmm...

  11. How beautiful your decorations were for the Christmas Tea! I love how your gift of hospitality blesses so many others around you!


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