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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Stockings Were Hung

We don't have a fire place so they are not hung by the chimney with care...

At our old house we had a staircase so we hung them from the banister - it was very cute.

At this house, no banister, no chimney...what's a girl to do.  Mind you, we have lived her for 10 years now, so we have had to make due with some different spaces.  I have hung them from the china hutch, I've hung them on the back of the front door.  But this year is brilliant!

 I've hung them on the chippy white ladder that leans against my wall in between the front door and the closet!  It is so cute and works perfectly as we can see them all day, and yet they are in an out of the way space!

I got the younger kids Pottery Barn stockings a few years ago, and this year I found a perfect one for our tutu lovin' grandgirlie!  They are the cutest stockings.  I'm tempted to get us all Pottery Barn Kids stockings - I love them!

Mine is the plain looking white one.  It actually has white Battenburg lace on it.  Tim, Emily, Lindsay and Emily all have stockings I made them, and they others are for my parents, Kayleigh and Uncle Denny.

If you come over and spend Christmas Eve with us, we'll make sure you get a stocking, too!


Becky K. said...

That is just perfect!
We love our stockings as well. A great Christmas Eve tradition.

Vee said...

Now that is an inspired location and looks darling. "Tutu loving granddaughter"...very special stocking indeed. John and I have knitted caps instead of stockings. (I have not one thing to put in his cap...must remedy that asap.)

Theresa said...

I think they are beautiful hanging there! If I came on Christmas Eve, I would have to bring about 75of my Family members:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Cheryl said...

You are brilliant! That great ladder is the perfect place for hanging those stockings...and what wonderful stockings they are!! Each one is lovely. I love that yours is feminine and Battenburg-y (so you!) and that you have personally made others. And the Pottery Barn stockings...well, who can go wrong with such cute things? Love the tutu!

Melissa G said...

Stockings are one of my favorite things! I've been enjoying having a mantel at this house to put our nativity set up on and to hang our stockings from.

I love your stockings. They are very pretty.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That's such a cute place to hang those cute stockings!

Ours are in a chair in the living room. I can't hang them on the mantle this year and I don't know where else to put them now that they're filled.

I often like more things in the PB kids and PB teen catalogs than in the regular catalog!

Alicia @ said...

Love where you hung them this year!! So cute. I too love pottery barn! For my boys, my mom has PB stockings with cute trains on them. So well made too. Merry Christmas!!!!

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