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Friday, December 28, 2012


I've been neglecting my blog, I am sorry!

I did a bit of shopping yesterday and then I rearranged my desk.  I put these two photos together - one is my husband around age 6-7 and one of Kyle at age 6.  Two cuties!

Here is a blast from 1987!  Just before we became engaged.  Next week we will celebrate 25 years of marriage!

It was cloudy yesterday and I loved the way these little votive candle holders looked.  Rachel gave them to me for Christmas!  The white holder, I purchased yesterday with a gift card from HomeGoods!  I love that store!  Anyway all these books and character cards stood on my desk, propped up and I thought this would be a great way to organize my space.

I am on a quest for containers to contain our stuff.  We don't have too much, but somethings just don't have an 'official' home.  So that is a goal for this next year.

The girls, Tim and I have all been so busy since Christmas with work, but after tomorrow we will all have some downtime.  Tomorrow shows are the last of the year for Sight and Sound and then the girls have two months off!  For the month of January and February we are only having our physical store open on Market Days; Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  Of course our online store is always open!  

Lindsay will be turning 21 on New Years Day.  Our friend Amy made great invitations to the New Years Ball we are having to celebrate her birthday.  I think I will be relaxing on New Years Day!

I have to say I am so blessed by my children.  They are all growing and learning.  They all love their dad and I.  There is sweet friendship with my adult daughters...I have a post in the works about this.

Tim and I maybe going away for a few days next week.  I am looking forward to it.  I love spending time with him and we don't get enough "us" time!

What have you been up too?


  1. Well that will be fun, a birthday AND a New Year:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  2. Okay, that child does look like his daddy! What cuties.

    What a great day to have a birthday...on New Year's Day.

    Hope that you can manage a few days away next week. It is always good to do that when you can.

    (Don't worry about the blog; it'll take care of itself.)

  3. It sounds like Christmas has been good for you and next a New Years Eve ball to celebrate your daughter's birthday. We had a lovely celebration with our two sons for Christmas.

  4. Wow, your son and husband look like twins!

    Sounds like lots of fun and exciting things are coming up! :)

  5. Oh my you have been busy! Hopefully, you will get some down time in the coming months.

    Take Care.

  6. Father and son are so cute, and they certainly look alike.a beautiful picture of you and your husband. I do hope you get to take some time off, and enjoy this special time together.
    Happy birthday to Lindsay, and
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. Oh my, Tim and Kyle do look alike. Wow!

    Happy birthday to Lindsay! Happy anniversary to you and Tim! What festive holiday times at your house!

    Oh yes...enjoy your getaway. Twenty-five years is something to celebrate.


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