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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String...

These are a few of my favorite things!

Okay, well, I don't use brown paper, I use white.  And I don't use string either.  But I do use ribbon...sometimes.

Really mostly I use white paper and markers or like last evening, I used oil pastel crayons!

It's a simple way for me to wrap.

Also Tim works for a huge printing company and we 'butt' rolls of great paper for free.  The kind I wrap with his heavy and coated.  Perfect.
Sarah did a bit of wrapping last night, too.

 Lindsay did some wrapping too.
I guess it must be nearly Christmas - the gifts are beginning to show up under the tree.  Stockings are being added to, also.

We open stockings on Christmas Eve.

How do you wrap your gifts?  Are you a designer style wrapper?  A gift bag wrapper?  Do tell!


Cheryl said...

We had a huge wrapping session on Tuesday, and managed to complete all of the wrapping! Hooray! I don't know what I'll do when I no longer have the girls at home to help me. Yikes!

I use a few gift bags, but mostly wrap boxes in paper. My paper has a brown paper theme, but with designs. (Does that make sense?) Brown paper background with trees, with pine cones and holly, with snowflakes, etc. I use ribbon or raffia to tie up the packages.

I had been thinking about doing a gift wrapping post myself, but I don't know if I'll fit that in over the next few days...

Enjoy tying up all your loose ends! (Bad pun.)

Vee said...

I'd be sorely tempted to go that route for practicality and frugality, but I tend to be fascinated by wrapping paper and ribbons and sweet tags. I have been finding many sweet tags online. Now tuck a sprig of evergreen in your packages or a bit of rosemary for a bit of festivity.

Rebecca said...

If I had access to "your" paper, I'd be wrapping them the way YOU do :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I was given one of Lanier's books as a gift and loved how she sends her books out wrapped in brown paper and tied with a string.

Just like in the old fashioned days.

We have a big storm front going through now which is suppose to change from rain to snow withing hours. My head is pounding with the expected drop in temps.

It is heading YOUR WAY.

Shane Pollard said...

The white paper and red pen looks lovely - love the kids messages!

Christmas is my fave time of year and I usually go all out with red, white and silver - loads of ribbons and pretty home made gift tags.
I had posted my big parcel to our family in France before I realised I'd forgotten to take photos for the second year running.... They're so nice to show on blog posts this time of year as you've done!!
Joyeux Noël
Shane ♥

Melissa G said...

I think a nicely wrapped gift shows that the giver also gave some time and thought into wrapping the gift and that makes the present extra special no matter what is inside.

I love seeing gifts under the tree. It makes me excited even though I know what is in most of them since I was the one who wrapped them! :)

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