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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Home Education: Finishing The School Year

We are in final countdown mode here - only 13 more days until we reach the 180 days required by the state.  It's been a really good year.

Kyle and Sarah have studied Math, Botany, World History during the time that Christopher Columbus and his sons were living, Geography, Language Arts, Reading, Art, Music, Physical Education, Health and Safety.  They have also done Bible and Home Economics.

Rachel is a freshman this year and has studied Pre-Algebra, World History, Anatomy and Physiology, English, Music, Physical Education, Health, Home Economics, and Bible.  She has earned 8 1/2 credits.

We are done with our history and geography, and science, are finishing up our health and safety.  The other subjects are on going ones that we continue year round, including math.  I have discovered for my kids do better if we don't take a break from math over the summer.  However, I love our summer break so I just have them do a math lesson a few days a week.  Easy peasy, and no wailing and gnashing of teeth (from all of us) when we resume our school work in August.

Reading is a big thing in our house and you can always find somebody curled up with a good book.  As I am writing this in the living room this is what I see from my vantage point.

This makes my heart so happy!  A person who can read can teach themselves about anything!  

Here is my current stack that I am working through.
Brambly Hedge is for Kamryn and Kyle but I like it too.  Such sweet illustrations as well.  

Do you know Brambly Hedge?

Education can be, should be, must be full of delights.  

Off to read


  1. Love the photos of the readers! That was the best part of our homeschooling years, or the greatest reward.

  2. Is it Brenda (of our mutual blogging buddies) who loves Brambly Hedge? I think the illustrations are beyond charming. What good readers! I love seeing them look so engrossed in their respective books. Plus they look so cozy and comfortable!

  3. I love seeing children read---so important to their future success! My grands love to read and bought books with them on their visit this past weekend. Have a great evening. ♥

  4. As excited as it is to begin a new year, it is also a feeling of accomplishment to end a year I can imagine how good it feels to be so close to finishing! (We are on track to finish by May's end, which will be the earliest that we have finished since Bekah has been my only student! We are a slow pair!)

    I love Brambly Hedge!! I was introduced to it when Bekah was an infant and have picked up a couple of the books as I have found them. Such charming, detailed illustrations and engaging stories! They are treasures for sure!

  5. Oh AMEN. From the comment about the merits of reading to the last comment, and including all the shots of the readers, this was an A+ post!


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