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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I've Not Completed My Summer Goals List

I still have not completed painting my kitchen cabinets.  Sigh.

We are starting school on Monday, and I had hoped to be done with it.  I am determined to get it done though, after all it's only Wednesday!

I am trying to decide if I just am going to 'go for it' and get it all done today, or if I am going to tackle a section at a time.

Prayers and good wishes appreciated!

Keepin' it real with the clean hand washed dishes on the counter, and the bottle of Nyquil!  ha ha!

Joining the fun @ Poofing The Pillows!


  1. i vote for a section at a time. :)
    love the "real" picture - i venture to
    say it depicts most if not all of our
    lives. big hugs.

  2. You are as real as real can be!
    Clean dishes are a hit around here.
    I know that when you're finished painting you'll be so glad it is completed.
    d (Deanna as well)

  3. I think most of our kitchens look just like yours with stuff on the counters. A lot of cabinets to paint, I agree with one section at a time.

  4. If I were doing it, I'd do it a section at a time. Less mess that way, but takes longer.

  5. A section at a time unless you are putting on a base coat that won't be seen. Trust me, I speak from experience. ;)

    Our two largest outdoor summer projects are both near the end stage. Because of those, I didn't plan any big indoor projects this year. When cooler weather returns, so will some other projects. Which, if you come to think of it, are never ending.

  6. Where do you get your energy????
    We have a couple of projects looming still.
    Waiting for contractors' bids since we need a little help...

  7. I'd go for it and get it done in a day or two. You will be finished then before school, though you may be exhausted!

  8. I love YOU KEEPING IT REAL! I had to take a 2nd look as your kitchen cabinets and the layout that I see here looks like mine! Visiting from TOHOT today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. A little at a time might be the best way but for me I like to 'get it done' and not have to worry about having to go back and do again. It will look great when you're finished.

  10. It is a time consuming project for certain, but it will be positively stunning once it is done. For me, I would just commit and get it behind me!
    Thank you for joining us at TOHOT!


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