Thursday, July 21, 2016

This and That

Our sweet family arrived home safe and sound!  What a treat to have them visit these past two weeks.

Alicia is doing the same eating plan that I am on (Trim Healthy Mama) and we did very well eating on plan, even though we were on the go so much.  She texted me today that after two weeks of vacation, where we ate chicken alfredo, eggs and bacon, pizza, and ice cream, she lost four more pounds!  I have been losing again too!  After 10 months and going up and then back down 5-7 pounds over and over, I got back on track and the weight is dropping again!

I'm a very happy girl!


With the weather heating up, I got out this morning and did the mowing, before the heat really kicked in. Since it takes me about and hour and a half, I use the time to listen to music, or a sermon (Truth for Life app) by Alistair Begg, or a podcast.  The last two times I've mowed I have been listening to Sally Clarkson.  Her podcast, At Home With Sally, is so encouraging!


This morning Tim mentioned that the fridge didn't seem to be very cold and was concerned.  After a long day of working outside doing inspections, he came home and checked it out, then called the guy who repaired it five years ago.  He's coming in the morning.  In the meantime, we moved everything from the freezer to our big freezer downstairs and are using a cooler box, Tim made a few years ago, with ice to keep the milk and other dairy products cold.  

Hopefully it will be an easy fix and not too expensive!


Lee Ann asked for the punch recipe that I used for Emma's baby shower.   It's very simple.

We used equal parts of lemon juice (freshly squeezed) and sugar and then we added some water and a bottle of Sprite.  Then I pureed some strawberries and added them to the punch.  It was simple and good (or so I'm told.  I didn't drink it due to the sugar!)

Hope you'll all having a wonderful summer!


  1. Yikes, hope the fridge can be fixed! We have washer issues:( Trying NOT to buy a new one! Have a blessed day, stay cool! HUGS!

  2. Oh dear. Hope your refrigerator is an easy fix. We have been dealing with lots of "fixes" lately ourselves. :/

  3. Things are going well if one can stay on a diet plan over vacation and still lose weight. Excellent! Hoping with you that the fridge is an easy fix.

  4. Hoping with you for a good fix for the frig. (I'm holding my breath that our appliances continue to perform well. We bought most of them at the same time many years ago....hope they don't all decide to quit the same month! LOL) Congratulations on the pick up in your weight loss. It's hard, isn't it? I'm sure glad I started - again - over 60 days ago!

  5. Seems like you've had a busy few weeks but things sound quieter at your house (hope the fridge fixes easily). It's hard to believe your school year starts so soon, but you've had a nice long time off. I like your plan and am a CM believer!


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